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User Review

Michel L.'s review - Epiphone G-1275 Custom

Made Unsung (Korea), identified Custom Shop / Limited Edition. According to reports this guitar is made by a series of 100 copies only reprinted every 10 years, very rare. Mine is the 2007 series.
Alpine White, corresponding to the Memphis White Gibson.
20 frets, 12 or 6 strings / short handle but pleasant and functional.
VOL. / TONE for each level, switch to 12 / 6 and mixer.
The build quality is truly remarkable. Snobbery often puts the US instruments for high-end. Here we must make a real difference, because this beast is exceptional as a violin, tone and quality of play


Once digested the surprise, the instrument is impressive with its weight and stature, the contact becomes flesh.
Once used to contact the conformation becomes strangely familiar. Ergonomics is surprising.
Its side then it's a surprise. I was expecting something like a gadget for teenagers in search of sensations. I am faced with a precision machine, full of nuances and possibilities.


Beyond what I imagined.
AMPS: Fender Super Reverb 1976 / Epiphone Blues Custom 30 / Epiphone Valve Junior / GBX Super 120 (all tube)
Selector 3 votes for each configuration
Good sound for each setting
All pick-ups is higher / high-humbuckers gammme / ALNICO II Pro or equivalent


This instrument is simply magical. Far beyond what I imagined. Build quality and sound quality without sacrificing PRO to the beauty and finish.
At first the grip has been slow, the template of the instrument influence, but once accustomed it is strangely comfortable and ergonomic.
Value for money: AMAZING! For the quality this guitar is worth at least twice. I'm a little collector (I trade from 20 to 30 guitars per year) and I can guarantee that it will not be for sale to the amounts seen on the net: the price would never live up to the instrument . The only comparison is the price of US Gibson, and again, try the beast ...
I hope I never want to part with it since I ...