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User Review

Volca the Devil. - Reviews Korg Volca Beats

The Volca Beats is a small box mid-analog rhythms, mid-PCM, very simple and very compact.
It's a little back to basics with a BAR that is to be nomadic, evidenced by the batteries and the small built-in speaker, but especially affordable.

Cohabit four analog sources:
- Kick
- Snare
- Hats
- Toms
and four sources sampled (conversion output 10bits):
- Clap
- Claves
- Agogo
- Crash

One effect, assignable to a source or all: the stutter, sort of contraption whose purpose is to produce repetitions.

Battery, speaker, grafted and output sync (mini-jack), MIDI in and headphone / line mono.
No separate outputs, a change is possible but risky.

The sequencer allows 16 steps, real-time or "TR" edition.


VB is simple, no submenu twenty pages, no twisted configuration.
The manual is brief, it will be used to get an idea of ​​how the beast, but do not expect the moon.
Editing is the same taste: easy.


VB has a great sound in general, and more specifically a superb kick.
The Snare is average but nowhere near as bad as some say, it's a matter of taste. For a more dynamic and broad Snare Drumulator I prefer the E-Mu, but again it's personal.

Toms are really good (I like the little toms but usually those of the VB are great), the Hats are almost perfect.

And PCM? Just the name is scary. Samples, yuck?
Absolutely not, even if we are not in the top of the wig more better, PCM VB are really well chosen and not especially feel the "color" of digital samples, may be due to 10bits DACs very low-fi .


I've had very little time, I enjoy a lot with.
For the price it is essential to listen and test.
If the sequencer is not that of a GPA, there is no reason to use VB as "sound module" driven by what you want.

I have some strange boxes like this: TR707 (incredibly surcotée, but it is because of its simplicity and its separate outputs), DR110 (cheap, cheap, cheap), TR505, R8, DR550, RY30 .. .
BV is part of PT. Inevitably, next to a TR808 and a 909 it's poor, but in an already rich set there is nothing to be ashamed. Better than VB in the same price range? Future Wolf Akai maybe? Not with MFB anyway.

I love this little BAR not pretentious. I have an idea to make a Vermona a few times, plus a MachineDrum, and that's for sure: I keep the VB.