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Dynamic Mics sound poor with my vocals, am I doing something wrong? - forum Dynamic Microphone

I bought a Shure Super 55 after hearing demos and thinking it sounds better than my SM58. I've been experimenting it since I recevied it 2 days ago. But specifically with my vocals, it sounds muddy and not easily fixed by EQing.

My setup includes a Scarlett 2i2 which has decent pres. I've also tried singing from directly above the mic, from 1 ft away, and various other positions, but I just can't seem to get a clear enough sound.

Am I doing anything wrong that could be causing the issue? Or do condensers always work better than dynamics when working with vocals (as is the case for my vocals)? Even my cheap MXL 250V sounds 10 times better than the Super 55 which cost 5 times more.

I will use it in a live setting but was hoping to get more recording use as well, but if it's just not that great a mic then I'll be quite disappointed
For one thing, the Super 55 isn't all that. It looks great, but for that price I'd go for a used AKG C214 or AT4033, or even an SM7b. The SM7b is really an amazing mic for vocals if you can feed it a bunch of gain.

Last thing, dynamics are typically suited for louder, low/mid-range vocalists or instruments. While they do OK live, they often fall short in the studio compared to condensers
Quote from d.bakes:
The SM7b is really an amazing mic for vocals if you can feed it a bunch of gain.

Once I got my hands on a Cloudlifter CL-1 to go with my SM7b, my life has never been the same :aime::aime: