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User Review

Anonymous's review - Shure SM58

Value For Money : Excellent
Classified information regarding the Shure SM58:
.. We like it or you do not like, some detest Hammond organists phonic wheel-type B3 organ, and rputs drivers drivers prefer LADA Mercedes or BMW!
But I do not prefers gin "Gin AUCHAN'au LARIOS or GORDON'S!
There must be a reason if the micro SHURE SM58 continues to make after more than 40 years of career, and what a history!
How is it that we see so many copies in the markets of Asia in the US?
This legendary microphone and lgndaire is still very demand on the data sheets.
And, it is manufactured in Mexico because it is close to the US.
I have never seen a microphone SHURE SM58 manufactured in China.
In my humble opinion, they are copies, as for the Sennheiser brand.
PRICE: less than 80 HT in Germany for the original, so why deprive yourself or buy copies!


I use the SM58 since the 80s
I love the mdium has sung, and gives her a magical color
I tried and bought before prcdents SHURE as 585!
The price quality ratio is excellent for a solid micro, reliable, and its very hot
Eyes closed, I would not change for any other brand for the stage and concerts.
Notwithstanding the fact that many studios have rputs SM58 parks and BETA 58.