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EarMaster Interval Examples Chart Generator

EarMaster’s Interval Examples Chart Generator is offering to create custom lists of well-known reference songs to memorize musical intervals in a ready-to-print format.

A daily challenge in identifying the beginning interval of a famous song is also featured on the same page.

Musical intervals are the tonal distance between two notes, and constitute the foundation of any melody or chord. Being able to recognize intervals makes it possible to sing or play songs by ear, and obtain a better understanding of music as a whole. Interval recognition is also one of the essential activities of ear training, one of the central disciplines in music education.

EarMaster’s Interval Examples Chart Generator is providing a way of compiling a list of well-known template songs representing most musical genres including Pop, Rock, Metal, Classical, Jazz, movie soundtrack themes, national anthems, or nursery rhymes. Each of the songs available is illustrated by a link to a video example, and it is possible to audition each interval, to see how it is played on the guitar and the piano, and view its transcription on a musical staff.

EarMaster is distributed in a wide range of countries through a network of distributors and retailers, and is currently available in 23 languages from