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User Review

0Watt's review - Cort Viva Active

Lower Korean.
24 frets.
2 EMG Select (1 serious, 1 acute).
2 volume settings (1 for each pickup), a serious adjustment, an acute setting.
Wood of the handle and marks the bridge?


Channel seems pretty nice and easy to play (close enough for my small hands).
Access to acute correct (though I rarely go up there ...).
Nice shape but a little heavy bass (3.8 kg).


Is better suited to large sounds (I've never been convinced by his sound for slap, but it sounds good for blues, rock, reggae ,...).
Good sustain.


Aesthetic nice (pearl inserts, dark body that reveals the grain of the wood).
Stack of active electronics not very easy to change (9 screws).
It was my first real bass, I've had almost 10 years. It should cost around € 450-500 at the time.