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User Review

Ny Batteri's review - Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat

- Low short scale (short scale, 30 "), 4 strings
- Half case (but not dcoupe in the table)
- 2 micros humbuckers NYT
- 2 volume pots, one tonalitbr /> - Beautiful dark red transparent, net on the tour "Les Paul style"
- Pretty head with inlay mother of pearl and Epiphone signature "Woody Allen" (nothing to do with Woody Allen, rest assured, it is plutt clarinetist)
- Mcaniques dores (the dor s'caille a bit on mine)
- Bridge adjustable 3-point


What struck me most of the game: its light weight! JB my relative, there's no photo, you can play for hours without feeling. It's rare enough to be on a low signal.
It is a bit dsquilibre to the head but nothing serious
The handle is trs enjoyable, not too wide nor too late I got
I do not like the belt clip attaches to the heel of the neck but it is a matter of habit. The box is large enough, the blow if you your great prvoyez a long strap.
Attention, as its dimensions are "unusual", it is not easy to find a forcment tui rigid adapted


This low possde sound fairly typical "vintage". It's really the sound I was looking for the style I play (the former pop rock). Roundness, sustain impressive deep bass well. The Tone knob is used primarily to assay the amount of treble (for an attack more or less clear), the bass are all good fawn Submitted.
The diffrence in sound between two microphones is clear enough to be exploitable (personal yet it is all one or all of the other), but do not expect either one extreme sound range extremely broad. It has a sound but it's "the" sound!

This bass is versatile trs. It should wonder for style pop, rock, blues, soul and even reggae (mdiator fingers or so) but not about slapper, it is clearly not made for a. ..


I've had about a month (used)
I love the ease of playing, its sound, its look gnral.
I dj a Jazz bass deluxe mex, but I was looking for a low pass over less, a little more original without being too flashy.
I will keep the JB for versatility, but I feel that I will mainly use the Rumblekat in my current project because the lower part done everything (sound, look) with the spirit of the group.
For the price (340 with holster), I am not at all, I reselect without problem.