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Comments about the review: Ultrasexy, 60-year old lady - forum Fender 60th Anniversary Precision Bass (2011)

We don't turn 60 everyday, and we don't always have the opportunity to celebrate the advent of our species to this planet: the "Homo Sapiens Bassistus-Electricus." Although Leo Fender was not the inventor of the electric bass, he found out how to make a great success out of the forgotten concept developed by Audiovox 14 years earlier. And this allowed our favorite instrument to conquer the international music scene to end up in your hands — you lucky, spoiled kids who have been pampered 60 years.

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Ohhhhh :8O: I want it :aime:
Absolutely right we can't have the taste of getting 50 right know. But once we may. Anyhow I got a tremendous Gibson Bass piece which I love to have and be with it. I bought it from XXXX , I would also be happy if I got this piece also with that much discount.:-p
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