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User Review

stefighters's review - Gibson Thunderbird Studio IV

Lower purchased produktiv Musik in Germany
20 frets, pickups hambuckers ceramics, effective and sturdy easel. In addition he has a mouth.
3 volume pots for each pickup plus a dial tone.
The handle is stuck and not crossing as the original model. This is where is the difference in price ... € 800 which is not nothing.


The handle is a highway, a little wider than my old Fender. As against the varnish from the back of the neck is not very "slippery". My luthier has slightly sanded that part of the handle: The result is perfect glide without any damage is apparent.
The access to acute sucks it must be said. The bass is unplayable from the 17 ° case. This is due to the shape of the bass and the problem is found on all thunderbirds ...
As for sound, it's simple, I alluciné! My group also hallucinated the first on my Ampeg note.Branchement SVT3: A heavy sound, bold, and very hot, very lively, very expressive, woody I would say! (Long live the mahogany). I can not define it but it's not the sound of a fender. Anyway, this is not a trivial one and that's what I love.


So yes, it's fine with me: this bass is for the Rock, played with a pick. Forget the game to the fingers is not made for. Your fingers will touch the microphones as they always are very high unless you play on the neck pickup is lower. But it's not the top.
As for mics, I love the power, heat, the trunk of the bridge pickup. On this microphone, the sound is beautiful, and aggressive media in the right direction. The microphone sends the serious heavy. I find it a little vague, a bit messy, but I think it is because I have not yet well balanced the EQ on my amp.


So I use this bass for 1 month. I would do an update in a while.
What I like most? This aggressive and powerful rock sound with a pick stuffed with beautiful mediums do not forget the serious (far from it).
It's still my 4 after a yamaha bass, a fender mex, one Korean and one JB JB U.S. deluxe and really I am extremely happy with my purchase. I tested the replica epiphone and there is no photo. The studio is more polished (neck and body, mahogany bridge). The pickups are much less rough. In addition to this bass has a face not possible.

So for € 1200, I find very good value for money only if you like the sound "pick and Rock" because you can not play with something else.