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User Review

gaby34000's review - Squier MB-4 Bass

See other caracteristik.


The handle is quite classik, and not the most pleasant k'il be, but also the price c, access to the treble is pretty good with 22 frets. it's very light and nothing to say well Balanced, for against the knob unscrews and it tends to move in must be removed for forcabt remetre,! ft. there are not many adjustable so you get used to his or her or else we beh suporte is changed and microphones.
A bass beginner koi. c for tapping this shit down.


IN for this ki sounds! pfiou! asssez classik a mank of immediacy, I jou a laney HMB160w. the sound is super kan I hammered my strings but its just the amp you worry. So slap sound is simply modest. remains low normal without character. pi normal sound is still the bof I.


Yes so I have not try to buy low that the ofSuite (God forgive me) Paske there was a cort action bass ke ke I test and my favorite! but a good 300 euros is not too much to ask mtn I save to buy another! warwick, musicmanSUB hesitate. I ft jou up on my warwick pot at least I pase my nerves! aler chao