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Digitech RPX400 and Pro Tracks - ** HELP **

Hey there. Just got my RPX400 and am just getting used to all the things it can do. One thing I'm having trouble with, however, is the headphones volume. I'm probably just missing something, but the volume seems incredibly low, almost inaudible. It's probably the equivalent of the volume control set to "2" on a portable CD player when maxed out, if that. Is there any way I can crank this up? This is with my headphones connected to the back of the RPX. Otherwise, I can line out to my amp and hear everything fine, but I won't be able to do this when away from home.

Also, is it possible to playback a piece through my computer's speakers to hear how it's coming out instead of through headphones/amp or whatever? I've tried going into Option>Audio>Input Monitoring, but I don't see my computer sound card to select. Actually, I'd prefer to play/record and listen to the playback through my computer's speakers if that's possible. I have no idea what WDM/KS, ASIO, or MME are, but I think I've read somewhere else that I should select MME under the Playback and Recording Driver Mode on the Advanced tab. Actually, I tried it with MME on, and I can now hear it through my speakers during playback. But this gets to be a big pain to have to switch back and forth between the Digitech's soundcard for playing/recording and my computer's soundcard for playback/mixing.

I originally got the RPX400 because I will be deployed and wanted a sorta "all in one package" thing that I could take with me and not require a lot of space. Right now I'm using it with my desktop computer, but I had planned on using it with my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. The problem is, I'm not sure if the standard sound card that my laptop comes is compatible. It's a SigmaTel C-Major Audio. Guess that's the next thing I'm going to have to try. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Hi i have my RPX400, but now i have a mac book, with tiger system. Do i need drivers to run it? where can i get them?
sorry for my english i'm form argentina