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User Review

Excellent pedal! - Reviews Korg Ax3000g

This stereo pedal firmly manufactured with aluminum frame contains all the elements necessary to the guitarist. Tuner, distortion, delay, reverb, modulation chorus, flange, talk box ... a pre-fx including flange, auto wah, Guitar synth, octaver, compressor ... It also has an expression pedal that can be used for wah (3 types) or the volume. It is possible to calibrate the expression pedal.
It also has an amp simulator and speakers. The AC15 amps ranging from classic and modern U.S. 30 through the simulation of acoustic amp. Regarding pregnant is full enough as it can find the classic 4x12 through a 4x10 or 2x12 and much more.
Element really handy and quite rare in this kind of tool is the ability to select the type of output at which the animal is connected. We have the choice between three types of amps or Line. The latter is very useful to connect a sound card to record or to exit directly to a PA system.
There is no lamp but the distortion sounds are hot and powerful.
The connection is complete since we can find the following:
Input / output Midi
S / P DIF (digital)
Connections Insert return / send
Log In (to be honest, I did not understand what was the latter ...)
Two jack outputs, a mono if you do not or can not use the stereo.

We also find a volume knob that is output on the headphone and overall volume. Another very useful option because it is not necessary to go into the presets to make this adjustment.

The power supply is external and is a 9 volt transformer solid bill.


The configuration of the pedal is simple but one must take a little time to bosser the manual. The latter is clear and precise. However, all programming and editions is fairly intuitive.
The only downside we could make is this: there are so many opportunities that sometimes it feels not to use the machine to its full potential. Conversely, you can be sure you will not have the same sound as your neighbor, also owner of the AX 3000G!


I must first say that I play mostly metal. The effects are very very good, especially distos associated simulators amp and speakers. The delays are also excellent. I had a Boss ME 25 and I can assure you that the Korg is well above.
Some effects are unnecessary and destroy ears like the drone and fashion ring. They are useless gadgets to my senses.
At present working on electro-acoustic project, my 3000g AX will still be my companion as I can find an excellent sound thanks to the acoustic simulation and speakers.
The guitars I use with this pedal are:
Lag The Blues Californian Series
Ibanez RGA 42
Squier Stratocaster

To play live I associate with pré-amp/compresseur/équaliseur Presonus Eureka and sound phonic 620 2X100 Watts I use stereo. I can assure you that this rather unusual config sends heavy!


I use this pedal for 6 years. I owned a Digitech RP1, a Zoom 505 II and a Boss ME 25.
Only the Digitech can bear comparison. Zoom meanwhile was convenient to play on vacation with headphones and batteries. The distortion was not bad at all on this little model. As for the Boss, in my opinion, the sound card is absolutely leak!
Some models have had problems with output level is changed only. The mine has experienced this symptom disappeared by itself after a few days ...
I've had six years. Pedal, the most used (number 3) is starting to show signs of fatigue with a difficult trip but it is manageable.
When I bought my Korg gear was fairly expensive at the time in relation to other similar products, but I would do this choice without hesitation.
This is really a product of very good quality.