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User Review

Olivier Regnard's review - Korg Ax300g

28 effects in total, so be sure that I will not list them. But hey, are the essentials: Disto, amp simulator, compressor, reverb, delays in shambles, chorus, EQ, flanger, phaser, pitch shifter, ring modulator, etc.. Everything is ditable on number of parameter. It numrique at all, so not expect wonders. But it honnte, and much better than bcp competitors regarding the distos. Audio Connectors only, not of noon, between a CD. Faux Stereo output for Pan, flanger, phaser and delay.


The config is super simple. As there bcp effects and Settings, as their edition is clear and well explained in the manual. Korg, unlike others, had the good ide to give the pdalier a notch large enough (64 characters on two lines, I believe) that makes everything much more readable. I lost the manual, so I'm just used. The pdalier is a childlike simplicity.


The efficiency effects of dpend what you expect. For the price, even when it's super honnte even if the sim. amp is a bit crappy, and the small pedals of expression does not have any evidence sensitivity, but it does its job. I use this strat pdalier with Mexico, and a Laney VC 30, + fender for a stro (false, empty.)
I prfre: effects most tars. The trs rglages are excessive on the presets, I added myself another layer. I have not much means, but I get to fiddle with rglages out sounds that I love: cradingue fuzz, imitation of e-bow fabulous whammy honnte done everything, stereo phaser. 6 can be enchantment effects, which is more than enough.
What I like least: with effects more Modra (eg Overdrive or delay type slapback), the direct sound has more low end.


I use it for 7 years. I bought this in pdalier 98, had no effect, I hardly electric com. I used to normment beginners, such as distortion, wah, and finally the conventional stuff. APRS I just gave up too many effects killing effect. Little by little, he returned my tools privilgis. I do not use all the time, what comes out of this box if same as trs weird. Dplaise not for purists, it opens lots of doors, I think, and for a lousy price. For my style, it is perfect. I'm used to dj stuff exprimentaux trs, trs it works well. I deprecated the blues and jazz purists, and those who do rve to reproduce the sound of their idol. I do it again this choice, without problem, since in spending time, its possibilities are trs important in view of its price. I recommend those who indpendamment budget, want to CRER athmosphres abroad, with sounds worthy of being saved if they are well rgls.