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User Review

Not convinced at all ... - Reviews Line 6 M13

I do not believe it. See below. Plethora of effects, but the amazing technology choices in terms of the flexibility offered by the competition.


This is the highlight of the machine's operating concept. A dream guitar as a pedal. At least until you use external analog controllers pedals volume type. MIDI, on the other hand, is poorly implemented: parameter setting impossible, bugs remain unresolved to this day ... In short, a design that feels sloppy. Too eager to occupy the market?


Many effects, really, but most of them add a veil on her. This results in a loss of gloss and dynamics. There are also problems volume modulations. We tolerate all these little annoyances or not, I guess it is the relationship between the practical side of the machine and the rather average quality of effects which will be most important to you?

Both bypass are transparent, really smooth.


I've had four years. I do not use anymore since almost a year, I decided that the cup was full when a fifth switch dropped me. , I have not been repaired. So I pressed the individual pedals for my delight and my sound is again clear, punchy, it is as if I had taken a hand on my amp cover. The M13 is a Swiss army knife super handy when it is not broken and as long as no (or very little) need to control MIDI. The concept is great but the quality is not at the rendezvous, both at the component level and at the level of the majority of effects. Damage.