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User Review

That "Squier" logo is starting to become a point of pride. - Reviews Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I agree with most of the reviews praising this guitar.

You should play more than one to be sure you're getting the best of the lot but it shouldn't take long. I played three, they all played well, sounded good, looked good, and none had QC problems. The setups were typical factory setups but all such things being equal all three played well OOTB. As a result, my choice between the three was rendered arbitrary.

Like any mass produced guitar, the cost a set up is part of the drill. Get a bone nut while you're at it. Choose the strings of your choice then play the **** out of it. Rock that logo with pride because it says you got a real Jaguar (compare it to an original) without paying the luxury fee for a "Fender" logo.

After the brief initial "Squier series" offerings in the 80's, Squier quickly became synonymous with POS. Today, however, Squier is doing something right and slowly changing their reputation as a result.

As an aside, I also own a Squier '51 VM and it's an equally solid guitar OOTB.

Considering some of the criticisms leveled at the big two regarding QC on their instruments costing thousands, owning a "Squier" is becoming something of a statement. A bit two fingers in the air, if you will.