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Yamaha DTX540K Review

Pads Without Mercy! Yamaha pulls out all the stops with its revolutionary TCS pads in an attempt to make itself appealing to most drummers who still refuse e-drums. As a DTXPress owner and former user, the DTX540K is reminding me the feelings I had when I first left the acoustic path. Thus, I was very excited and had (too?) high expectations when I started this review. Half satisfied. read more…

User reviews on Electronic Drum Kit products

Perfect e-drum setup for apartment (Roland - TD3)

By tarrtime, 07/03/2013
I purchased the Roland TD-3 drum kit to be used in my apartment to practice drums without annoying my neighbors. Eventually I started using it to record MIDI drums in Pro Tools. The TD-3 is perfect for this kind of application. It isn't as fancy as the more expensive Roland E-Drums, but it is reliable and functions appropriately. The cymbals are the least realistic thing about playing the TD-3 compared to acoustic drums/cymbals. I think this is the hardest thing for e-drums to get right mainly because rubber feels much more different than metal. I don't mind rubber pads for drums, but having rubber cymbals is a little weird. Nonetheless, the drum pads and the cymbal pads trigger very well. They just don't feel that great. It is a sacrifice you have to make for quiet drums. The hi-hat pedal also takes a little getting used to.
Since I have had the kit, I have purchased a couple of Hart Dynamics drum pads to supplement my TD-3. These triggers are much more realistic to the look and feel of acoustic drums. They actually work very well with the TD-3 drum module. This was a big advantage to the roland e-drum kits. I definitely like being able to expand my kit as I save up the money. Eventually I plan on adding better cymbals and hi-hats too.

A good investment :) (Millenium - MPS-100)

By Dj_Garfield, 12/03/2014
I've been testing this instrument for two days already, because someone offered it to me secondhand ($100) and, not having the resources for a high-end product, the idea seduced me for the connectivity: One MIDI OUT port, the original sounds are indeed drowned in reverb and you can't adjust it. I have dived into software like Fruitty, with which I can play acoustic drum sets of excellent quality using ASIO4ALL to reduce the latency down to almost 0. You can play on ALL types of drums and even sample drum kits and play with them...
I don't think I made a bad decision, this kit holds all its promises and it works great with good software programs :)
In terms of editing, it's über-flexible, you can do whatever you want. In short, it's a great investment to work or play with other musicians, given its price of $300 (in March 2014), you won't regret it!
Enjoy :)

golden_ear's review (Audio-Technica - DD-502)

By golden_ear, 21/11/2014
I was very surprised, because even if I knew Audio Technica, I didn't know they made e-drums..
After verifying, it's not Audio-Technica, the well-known microphone and headphone manufacturer, but only Technica, which has nothing to do with the former.
Thank you to the moderators for clarifying things.

News Electronic Drum Kit

[NAMM] [VIDEO] Alesis Strikes back

Published on 01/24/16
Alesis present Strike, their new series of electronic drumkits.

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Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Kit

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Yamaha DTX500

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