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User Review

Super Product - Reviews 2box DrumIt Five

I use it now for six months, in addition to my Pearl ELX.

Before buying it, I try Roland TD 9/12/20, Yamaha DTX. The advantage of the Yamaha, as 2box is to add their own sounds (on standard DDR memory modules, such as RAM PC), but in an area still limit (the Bar).
The Roland TD are also very well made, but the sound is still well below (sound synthesis and thus no samples of real drums).

The special feature I like best? SOUND! The affected (skin Mesh ability to mount standard skin), the size of Toms, adding to the realism.

-The sound is truly exceptional, all the drum kit are not fabulous, but many outside the Lot.
The advantage is that samples are not sound synthesis.
-Furthermore, the USB and Memory 4GB available gives the opportunity to create their own drum kit with his own samples, all facilitated by a software editing package available now for a few months (long overdue). Note that the original drum kit comprise 95% of the memory.
-Finally, having six independent output enable mixing quite well come with a table (Me a Yamaha MG 16 / 4, the sounds of thunder made anything with my little 3-band EQ).
There-out on MIDI In and Out, to work with its drumkit Virtual favorite (I just got BFD 2, I can not wait to try!) So of course it has a midi interface / usb.
We can also rely entirely on its drumkit and a sequence to play on the module through the MIDI IN jack, but as a drummer would be sacrilege!
A minijack-IN, to play his favorite music with ease (size earpiece, so Ipod, Phone, Portable ...)

When the negative point (well you might expect negative ...), but there are very few:
-The bass drum pedal and pedal home from Charley, which are really crappy. Me me its not pose any problem, I get my pedals on my acoustic drums.
The STAND-that the first sight seem very little feeble, but we made it and I finally found very handy lightweight, robust, slightly "wobbly" but its realistic because my toms sound like her when I move made the lumberjack ...
-Setting the hihat (open / close), but resolved by updating the OS available recently: we now rule the closed position and opened his convenience.
Finally, only 2 cymbals, I sent an email asking them dear 2box the additional provisions of cymbals, I had a negative response because they were already struggling to provide complete drumkit (Me I have 3 months have my drumkit when I had ordered). Sa may be changing since.
-I board not find a metronome, but I'm not crushed to find ...

I find the value for money really beautiful, even a faith the pleasure of play is huge, the striking realism, sound impressive.

With the experience I REFERRED choice is no doubt there is a premium product at a midrange price.
After I look at the competition not long ago, it seems to me that the Pearl Elec. should arrive soon. Features