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Sony Electronic instrument

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User reviews on Electronic instrument Sony products

Kulten's review (DRUM PAD DRP-2)

By Kulten, 14/12/2006
Sony Drum Pad II is a box with a very simple rhythm SERIES sounds like "80's" and a SERIES effects (scratches, voice ...).

Intgre a jack.


Just press Start / Stop.

the tempo is argl APRS time, which is like using trs CHARACTERISTICS.

there is a volatile memory, it must be turned on by pressing at the same time the button 3 / 4 or 4 / 4 depending on whether you want a ternary or binary, and then save by tapping the pads.


Typical of the beginning of the 80's, nice rev.


Config in a punk or new wave, or to sample the sound bank, why not ...

Simple but nice! (DRUM PAD DRP-2)

By accordeure, 02/03/2013
Nice little drum machine with 12 sounds very punchy kind pcm 80's (just between Roland TR-626 and Yamaha dd-5/10). Connectivity is just the wire that comes directly from the machine with a 3.5mm jack 6.35 + mono adapter. sounds can not be changed and the sequencer allows only one character who disappears pace to the extinction of the box, dommage.Elle is not polyphonic, none are can not be played same time as another.


Config is special but we made it, I have not the manual but it is easily pierces the not very clear (humor).


That's the strong point in my opinion, because it really is the type of sound that I love. There is no speed, no effects, it is not realistic but it is not what I ask him either.


I just bought it and I think to pieces sympas.Le only real handicap for me is that I can not synchronize with other devices.
Anyway, for the price it's worth it.