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Driver problem - Reviews RME Audio Fireface 400

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So just to say that I could not taste the same pramps ect because I had audio playback cracking of any sound, and even when I read nothing! I'm on PC with a config that goes well (i7 2600K 4Ghz, 12GB of RAM, mother rcente card, day, and known for its stability.
So I had crunches ds connection (via the original FireWire connectors on my card mother). So I say c'tait can be FireWire chipset card that my mother n'tait not cool. So I invested in a PCIe FireWire card with the "famous" Texas Instrument chipset: I could not have done more useless, no alterations!
So I sell it to a Mac owner who has no trouble with him, and voil me back to my starting point FastTrack Pro ...

A msaventure among others ...

I do not spit at all on RME and their products, I am well aware that this is really a mess srieux incompatibilits of these problems. Only prparez you psychologically can be having to return your new freshly selected interface ... Good luck!