Does anyone use a direct box for guitar with Focusrite Saffire 6 USB?

I have the Focusrite 6 USB. I've been recording with it for over 6 years. I'm happy with it and have no problems. But I've never been satisfied with the quality of the guitar sound plugged straight in and using plugins like Amplitube, etc. I've also used the Line 6 Pod straight in and a line out from a Fender Champion amp. The results are always the same, the track always has a clipped, slightly distorted sound even on perfectly clean settings. I'm not a newbie at recording, I know how to set levels, that's not the problem.

I recently heard that using a direct box on the input might be a good idea.
Does anybody have any experience with that?
Hi onguitar,

Deepest apologies for the oversight on your forum post but I would definitely like to see where we can help with resolving this issue!

Would it be possible to open a ticket with us, and provide us with some audio samples of the guitar being recorded with the settings that you are experiencing issues with?


With the Saffire 6 being able to accept Mic, Line, or Instrument level signals you should not need a DI Box to capture the tones you would like. Since the Saffire 6 is a different device than that of the Line 6, you will find characteristic differences between the units' A-D/D-A; but you should not have a constant clipping sound in the audio if captured with proper headroom.

Once we have these audio examples, I feel confident that we can help shed some more light on the behavior!

Best regards,
David // Focusrite Technical Support
David,as you suggested I submitted a support ticket today. I hope you see it.
HI Onguitar,

Would you mind providing me your ticket number so that I can find it in our system?

Best regards,
David // Focusrite Technical Support
I think this is the right number: 1040177
yep ...i'm having exactly the same problem ....using my guitar straight in to the saffire 6 and the only way i can stop it clipping is by engaging the pad and having the input at nearly zero ....
The odd thing is i can turn it up to the input up to 6 and it still doesn't go in the red (on the soundcard or cubase)it just flattens the soundwave in cubase and sounds horrible
Same here. I can set the input at zero and the audio still goes through. Doesn't hit the red till about 6.
I sent audio files to Focusrite tech support. They didn't hear the problem.