I have a recently purchased Focusrite Scarlett 4i4. I am connecting a modular synth to it, and am using it to record onto my Windows PC. It's connected to my pc via usb-c -> usb-a cable. Whenever I turn up the volume on my modular synth up past a certain level, the Focusrite turns off, then turns on. Also happens when I crank up effects like reverb on my modular.
If I turn the volume down on the headphone jack on the Focusrite, the problem seems to go away.

When the focusrite is connected to my Daw (in my case Bitwig) and this happens, I get a Blue screen of death, and my computer resets.

The error that reads is:
What failed: FocusriteusbSwRoot.sys"

I've tried a bunch of different cables and the issue still happens.

Have other people run into this issue?