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User Review

Anonymous's review - JBL JRX125

Value For Money : Excellent
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A childhood dream come true ....
Continuous power: 1000W
Peak Power: 2000W
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Frequency response: 45 Hz-16 kHz
Max SPL: 133 dB !!!
Weight 43 kg

The filter for the crossover, is announced by JBL to 2kHz, so equalization was set accordingly.

JRX 125 ... I listen for two days ... full break!
What I like most is the accuracy of these speakers.
I bcp ecouté other speakers auditoriums shops ... The value for money is excellent,
€ 438 enclosure is cheap for the quality of the global.
Yes, I would do this choice if need another pair of JRX 125.

Personally I do not find that acute crachouille the contrary they are of a rather high accuracy (Titanium + ferrofluid cooled).

This enclosure class requires impeccable source and quality (to proscribe mp3 ...) and suitable amplification,
so that equalizer (mandatory for such power!).
Personally, my source they are Pioneer CDJ 200 + table Numark 5000 fx connected XLR output on a digital equalizer Behringer DEQ 1024,
that even plugged it into an amp Peavey PV 2600 and all with cables Monster Cable brand (+ modulation Speakon XLR / XLR + RCA / RCA).

Frankly, after a quick adjustment of the equalizer ... it rocks !!! lol

-> Specific treble, a clear and present medium, high and low (but not too much).

For lovers of the infra and low looking for grazing the resonant frequencies 45Hz ....
add to these JBL JRX 125 two subwoofers HK Audio (46 cm) + a second PV 2600 amp filtered 150 Hz max ... and there is a beautiful set reaches sono Pro allows you to add sound 500 to 800 persons fingers in the nose!

In summary, buy JBL JRX 125 eyes closed, no problemo.
By prévoyer against the budget (important) for quality cabling ... because it is a necessary condition for a good final result.
Do not hesitate to take the 4x4 mm² for speaker wire in Speakon NL-4.
Personally, 400 Euros cables (Speakon / Speakon + modulation XLR / XLR + RCA / RCA modulation), it hurts me somewhere ... but hey, I'm a purist ...

The only problem with these speakers ... weight ... 43 Kg per speaker! Devil to buy emergency !!!!!

10/10 I put these speakers because for that price in other brands there really of crap ....
The sound system at this price, go ahead, go to your nearest dealer!