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User Review

dom38ida2's review - Apple Logic Pro 9

Yes, the installation is long, but is no problem (I installed two times after a change of HDD) configuration is complex and technical, but a doc to pdf in French help is on the apple website. There are incompatibilities with everything VST (developed for Cubase and programs under windows) Yes really detailed and clear enough. (Pdf is 1460 pages) and answer most of the questions use and settings.


It is essential to have at least a 10.6, I would say for a CPU core 2 only (my config) but if you can opt for a heart Input 4 is better. Next memory I put 8GB is the maximum pluggable on my card. The audio is very hungry ram also set the maximum especially if you may overload the CPU to the AUDIO / MIDI convertion. this is the problem I had when I was only 2GB. The hard drive should not be overlooked, because Logic Pro keeps everything if you will not not clean from time to time (highly recommended) your backup folder can be up to 20 see 25 go for as 7 minutes. This config is specified for proper operation is not optimal we agree. Yes stability in apple is something other than Windows. But beware compare what is comparable ie if you have a I7 Windows you will be more efficient with my config but more stable I ask to see ... Anyway you will booting mac to run this software only works on mac.


I do not use logic pro to sleep lol! No seriously I'm far from a pro like Jean Louis Hennequin for example, but I'm starting to get by. Besides, I've been using his training DVDs available from Eleform and now the only videos in French (except for a video on youtube but I have more address type you find on youtube) It's been two years since I 'm on mac with logic pro. Before I worked on calkewalk under Windows XP.
The most is that if you can afford to pay you LOGIC STUDIO (you'll logic 10 Moreover) is a resort full production from inception to the completion of a cd mastering included.
The least is that I'm lazy and fat to be learned appendre and still learn to take advantage of this amazing tool.
The value for money there is no picture with its competitors Protools or Cubase is two to three times cheaper. Cubase station must now spend at least 1,000 euros for the same thing and the longer it will buy an input sound bank which is not neceesaire with Logic. I sign with both hands I definitely forgotten what a PC except my children and my wife asks me to intervene regularly on their computers because nothing works is plug & train.