Hey guys,

I've been playing around with my synths for quite some time and I understand all the basics of how a synth works (oscillators, envelopes, filters, effects, and so on). However, I'd love to be able to reproduce any kind of synth sounds I hear and I feel like I'm "stuck".
I mean, how do you know which waveform has been used? I can recognize them quite easily but sometimes, for example, if you put a distortion on a square wave it might sound as rich as a sawtooth wave with a slightly different vibe to it but it never gets close to that sound you like.
How do you know which filter was used?
Do you necessarily need to own the same synth as the original composer's synth or is it possible to recreate, let's say, a sound that was made through a subtractive method with any subtractive synth?

I've been watching a lot of videos about that topic but many people have different opinions on the question.
This is driving me nuts haha!

Thank you for your time ! :)