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[Getting started] Home Mastering — Part 8

Home Mastering — Part 8
This eighth episode of our home mastering series will deal with harmonic exciters, harmonic enhancers and company.

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I was wondering about any hardware exciters. Can the author recomend any stand alone boxes? Also, can exciters be used, say, for voice alone or individual tracks? What would be the best use? Thanks
Thanks for your question. I passed it on to the author for an answer. Stay tuned. :D:
Hi macmike100 !

Well, there's a lot of nice boxes out there as you can see here :


As far as I'm concerned, I love the sound of the SPL ones ;)

Of course, exciters can be used on individual tracks at the mixing stage. But as usual, there is no rule, the best move is your best move ! So experiment and have fun my friend, it's the key :8)

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