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[Getting started] Understanding Compressor Parameters

Understanding Compressor Parameters
Now that we've discussed the possible uses for compression, let's take a look at the way a compressor works. To do that, I'll explain to you, in a theoretical way, the different parameters commonly found on such processors.

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Regarding attack and release, I've always thought of the stepmasters at gyms. When you step on the stepmaster, it takes some force before it really starts, well, compressing and when you step off, the steps decompress more slowly than the time it takes to remove your feet from the stepmaster.

Keeping this ridiculous example in mind:
Attack = the time it takes for the stepmaster to completely compress (or the time it takes for your compressor to reach the level that you've determined)
Release = the time it takes for the stepmaster to reach its 'neutral' level after removing your feet (or the time it takes for the compressor to once again reach 0 immediately after compression)

To answer the 2 questions in your head: YES, I am crazy, but YES this example still makes sense in some crazy way

Well in fact it makes sense to me too, so I guess we are both crazy
Well i know how to use compressors but i also understand what you try to say...
So i guess every body must be a bit crazy if they understand

But i think it is a very nice article and very explaining to new bee's.

The compressor is a misunderstood piece of equipment. Just try to have fun with it and use the side chain.

Btw a gate with side chain can make a nice trance chopper. But... That is another story.

- Angelie

Note: i realy love these articles... Thank you
Glad to hear this, thanks