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User Review

The "Swiss Army Knife" of guitarist! - Reviews Tech 21 SansAmp GT2

Value For Money : Excellent
The classic of the first pedal Electric guitar amp simulator, go anywhere, cheap and very good value for money, to use as the "Swiss army knife" of guitarist ... simple and effective!
Do not expect either to transform a sound or a transistor amp rotten in beautiful Mesa Boogie Mark IV, in old Marshall plexi or Twin Reverb '60 but frankly adpanne matter if you have a minimum ear to you good sound.
On a sound system for a jam or a lil gig in a bar, on a transistor amp a bit basic (see crappy) story of a little coloring matter or make a clear his drinking (and then connect over your pedalboard, add your personal effects pedals, pedal saturates your favorite etc ...), or an amp acoustic guitar kind AER (in my case and it works pretty well!) for your electric guitar or a little warm in clean or crunch / distortion, to saturate an acoustic guitar ... etc.


Making his personal configuration based on diffusion (amp or PA) and his guitar
Super simple to use, just messing around with the settings and make his personal sauce ...
On a PA or amp transistor base, against live in a sound card is not very terrible recess must not ask too much either, but do not want witnesses guitars so turn the tube amp and freak the neighbors 2am it does the job!


Good momentum of the attack, the sustain and not too much compression distorts the game, relative heat amp sounds cheap.
Realistic enough price and good sound control with knobs that match pretty well.
Respects the sound of the guitar and playing the guitar


Very good value for money service rendered.
For this budget was the best thing since!
You saved the life of electric guitar amp if bar or rehearsal studio is a real shit or if the guy who was to lend you his amp and you planted that you left the PA to ensure your gig!