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Rocktron Voodu Valve

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beautiful beast of war ...

By evil-o, 30/05/2014
preamp with effect section. in my opinion it lacks an effects loop, otherwise it is more than enough for 90% of use.


the grip is little boring at first, especially for the use of equa pre and post, but got used to it quickly. We just rely on some factory sounds in order to develop his ...


it can make very good clear sound with reverb and delay all toutime, crunch sound nice but are not his strong (but there's a trick) against by the (large) distortion are really nice, it just spent some time on the SETTINGS, and everything is possible ...


I have around 7 years, and after having various stuff (boss 700, vf1, gainiac, etc ...) that has me glued to the ceiling. I play an ESP with EMG 81 and 85 are, and I put him behind / a peavey 50 50 (which plays very well with the role are voodu) and a true speaker, a mesa 4 * 12 (j previously had a peavey with shieffield, rendering frequencies was really not the height, it is imperative to have a more than correct speaker to realize the capacity of voodu) sounds are really very good quality, and if like me What you find some point it lacks THE je ne sais quoi, add him an OD pedal as input, a boss bd, ibanez ts or other (I chose zw44 MXR), the day and night.
Many current e materials are better quality (better sampling) or have greater # of connectors, but frankly, it is already very comprehensive and allows you to explore bcp style, provided to him a good power amp lamp has preferably, and especially (especially!!) a good speaker, a real one, not that of a combo 300 euro new ...
price where you can currently find Cygnus, it must be gener!

very effective

By guigue106, 21/12/2012
we know already nothing to add


1st First it is far from the boss or digitech ergonomics, with a little patience and approx brain goes badly

yes in French available on the net can be used for ca picky settings

good sound easy:
I do not know too much because of okaz bought for barely a hundred Euros on a sound caught my attention, "metallica", "delay edutainment", "leslie" and "lead 1" I'm the type to take a base and has changed my sauce. So I summarized by: "waip"


music style:
progressive metal (dream theater) / rock (satriani etc ....)

type of sound:
j get a dry, clean, precise and flawless thanks to the return of my bandit 112 and c is time better by what is to c what I want! fau it be that the hot lamps for ca begins to feel.

esp m2/jpmp3/jpmp1/jem7vdy/RG7420/rg 550

favorite sounds?!
quality distos already available, some are very original sounds like "leslie"


on the bottom I have the last 15 days, as I worked day rue de Douai in paris for 5 years and I peeled VV in any combinations to be tested with customers, and honest with you ca not sell below 6,000 francs (almost 1,000 th)

j loved this gas plant (j hesitated with digitech 2120) I spent my time to ring with presets for sale in my clientele, today I've had for a meager hundred euro and being a fervent multi gas plant of any kind (j got a boss gt5 / a GX700 / a boss gt 3 / Zoom 8080 / quadra verb and one day on the way) i have easy hand on this kind of machine although rocktron was always "the inaccessible" for my budget at the time.

I have plugged in the return of a recovered bandit 112 for the power amp, and the result is well above my expectations, sound, light that emerges through one of combos it's still nice (I'm not agree with those who say "the lamp is useless") because in the config it has a real impact on the dynamics of my sound and what I wanted for my bandit 112 is a transistor)

I immediately (re) focused on programming a sound, a slight blow to the quarter of an hour for the (re) grip and made with a little patience and understanding it folds quickly to the method rocktron. missing that one engl z12 or Midimate led to all this, but it's going to be a little complicated and will be a different story

Cydonia's review

By Cydonia, 13/07/2009
While tube preamp (powered by low voltage so it is not pffff a little...) 1 jack, 2 XLR and 2 output jacks, all afternoon, one rack unit, made preamp and multi effect at the same time, totally digital. then good for nothing but having all in a small rack I put him 9, -1 for the lamp is useless


The setup is easy, after an hour passed on, if we had multiple digital effect before, it's not too complicated it's going, it's still made intuitive.
on the other hand to really get THE sound laaa must spend time and understand how the stupid, question simulator speaker is saying that the strong point of this preamp, which is very effective and a lot if you connect the preamp direct into a mixer.
The manual is clear, but nothing beats the fact bidouller for hours, it allows to learn and really understand how the preamp.


And that is where the hurt I explain below, the sounds are beautiful, very clean thanks to the parametric eq gear, heavy lead sound are also huge fan of shred you love by the cons crunch, the beast known hummmmm ca not do is honestly ac *** r, there is no global dynamic, it is cold and stiff even worse if we lower the volume knob ca pe deviend a fly, then you tell me it y'knoow branch inside a Squier and well not everyone, a musicman luke 2 and I assure you that the crunch is not top, then all depends on why you want this preamp if it's for a complete rack and have a provision a very nice clean sound or a sound lead purchase it is not expensive on the market OCCAZ, if you want a superb crunch typical brit baaaaa laaa do not buy it
Allé 6, because of the volume knob and crunch, AAAA etttt I forgot, if you play active microphones or pickups les paul with a high output level, the entry of voodu saturates even with the volume pot of 'entered at least


So I have the gear for three months, I remain happy even when a multieffect good invoice, a preamp that is very good 2 her, generally for crunch anyway nothing beats a good all tube head, OCCAZ bought 300 euros, it was almost new not a scratch, it's a good deal if you want a good preamp for home and registered as Enterprise Chania.
In hindsight I should have chosen one you know the preamp unit has the gold and black facade does not cite brand. . .

jimiric90's review

By jimiric90, 10/04/2009
Numrique with a 12AX7 in Days of buffer before conversion .. For the rest, see the excellent advice donns dj!
Only BMOL, changing the lamp on the MODEL "on line" which necissite the disassembly of the entire rear connection ...


Config more pointed than the JMP1 for example, so you have to spend some more time on rglages especially qualisation trs complte and do not over boost gain (55 max)!
In fact, it is necessary to make the sound that was between the two ears and the manual is complete and explicit enough ...


I think everyone can find the sound! Anyway with my Stratocaster 69 'home-made, there is no problem and I am going to the 535Q, and rotovibe Variphase MXR!


I use it for several weeks and the only complaint is unable to combine the phasing and the wah-wah in the same preset!! You have to choose .....
I possde other Systmes rack (see my other review) and play a lot of head lamps, but the Rocktron is the compromise for me IDAL all the stuff I have use!
Buy used or new, the report qualitprix is ​​great knowing that voodu together in several racks in a single device!
Repeat this choice .... no problem even if there is definitely better!
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