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Marshall pedal in a? - Reviews Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer

Marshall a good solid type pedal overdrive / distortion and a reassuring weight when she was in labor.
The steel tank probably contains an analog technology, which (it seems) to find the legendary sound of Jim.
It is a type of pedal quite classic with an inlet, an outlet, a 9V supply and the possibility of a battery connection. In short, we found it (and this is not frowned knobs available, see below!).
No bold innovations in all, but ... the dear reliability, reliability!


Here we address the issue that is debatable.
The JackHammer has 4 knobs with 3 doubles, for a total of seven settings. Just that!
A button 2 position to choose OD or distortion (this is not progressive as the Boss OS-2, but we will not complain ...), volume, gain, bass, treble, frequency, contour.
I still have a little trouble to find the position that suits me with a simple tone knobs on a pedal, then with four settings for frequency, I'm a little clueless. But the concept of the bass / treble you quickly understand (we are still not nag), but regarding the 'freq' and 'outline' I would say that it is the control, respectively, the high mids and low mids. Not obvious ...
In conclusion, the addition of these settings can be useful for followers, but may also lose fans (who will then turn to the Bluesbreaker II but lose the gain).

In short, it is not very clear, but there is no reason to seek and fiddling the buttons to adjust the sound. Go below!


Due to that I bought my copy in a deposit-sales, and given the sound of the distortion mode, it is possible that mine is malfunctioning at this level. I therefore based solely on the OD mode, and believe me seen the number of buttons and headroom that has this pedal, there are already enough to make ;)

When you turn it on, do not turn the gain too high (2 or 3 should be enough to start slowly) and put all the buttons at noon, it might help to find his sound.
This is a very hard rock pedal and a very powerful and aggressive sound ... perhaps too much so. To try to describe the sound, it could be compared to that of Jack White or Raconteurs (Jack White), and it is not always easy!
I think that spending a lot of time on the settings to find a sound that suits you and do not let your best friend the metaleux to all buttons background to play hard and fast or you will lose a friend!
I have not found my happiness, but I do not despair, the freq and outline buttons are still beyond my understanding but I could find!
Tip: Do not rush!


I use it for more than a month, and having to give up the distortion, I lean heavily on one end, which allows me to fine-tune each setting: not easy!
I was looking for a wild drive pedal and I found it lacks me the leash (a compressor, to go after the metaphor? ^ ^)
As the pedal was only 40 € I did not want to try other pedals in 1000, and I jumped at the chance. At this price, it's not worth bothering the store. When I dépasserais 150-200 €, then I would!
What I love is the number of settings (I feel to repeat) and incredible headroom (already said I'm sure!) If that is not enough, it is you are looking for a distortion!
Ironically, what I like least is the number of settings: what crap! Unlike some pedals that need only to be connected to sound, you have to fight with that.
Excellent quality and price occasion as well as new, with the experience I do not have that choice out of curiosity. As I try to listen as much as possible sounds, I would take a pedal in the same price range to expand my knowledge!