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User Review

my cross to bare's review - Boss BF-3 Flanger

There are no evils effects: res (which adjusts the feedback), depth (depth ...), rate (adjust the speed) and manual (adjusts the frequency, yeah yeah, I think)

and four modes: High (large flanger), standard (normal flanger) gate / pan (rotation around the amps down and its in mono), momentary (the effect is applied only when the pedal pressure), there also a kind of tap tempo

two entries: one for guitar, bass and another for two outputs: mono and stereo


This is a setup so simple that the bf-2 but it is not very complicated,


For my part I find that compared to the bf-2 this pedal produces less audible oscillation, cooler and lighter, I routinely prefer the sound of the bf-2 but this is only my opinion, I use peédale with this delay and sometimes a distortion to just increase the oscillations.


I use it for 5 years, it's a quality / price ratio exaggerated given the bf-2, which currently costs a pittance