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User Review

hammam27's review - JEN Wah Fuzz

This is a wah wah-fuzz pedals of the beginning of the 70s, manufactured by Jen in Italy.
I recall that Jen is the manufacturer of vox wah wah Italian trsrputes (the vox 846 Hendrix among others).
Rugged and lightweight.
By opening, we see a particularly handsome inducer Fasel Red (stamped 500 mH) and two transistors BC107B wah for the part, and a transistor NKT275 in terms of Part fuzz. The ERT is a potentiomtre 100k original.
Unfortunately bought down, I russi that rpar the wah (which is most important to me).
No true bypass the era. Not want to change it;)


Trs easy to use as you can imagine.


The sound is exceptional.
The original Fasel Red (which has nothing do with the other variation on green, yellow or white and even less with the repetition of dunlop) offers a beautiful tonality, the effect is trs soft and allows a superb vocal expressiveness trs. The curve of the pot is magical.
She is comfortable with all types of attack and sound, but I prfre in funk (in the clear in general). Also with beautiful low in saturation (blues rock).
It enlve treble the original sound so be careful ...
The rating is for the wah sr because the fuzz is out!


I use it for two years.

I possde diffrent Wahs: a beautiful jen crybay of the beginning 70 (the same circuit and components vox 846 Italian opinion coming), and two customize wah (true bypass, drivers halo effect at banzai Fulltone or with tropical fish and bc109c, rglages gain, bass, middle, and Q "sweep range "...). I expect a clyde of 1967 (the coup, opinions coming!).

The PDAL has a unique sound, long lost. But it may be not suitable for all uses, especially my Wahs customize sound much better saturation (transistors?). So for a particular purpose (clear, (+++) funk and blues).

Quality price ratio? the wah Jen, it is forgotten in this era (although built by those provided by vox 846), so you can find for much cheaper than the old vox.

The pros: the sound, the class, the price (yet) available ...
the -: use target sound a little food (but you can not have it all ...).