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Hartke A Combos

Hartke A100

User reviews on Hartke A Combos products

A great combo (Hartke - A100S)

By Thibault L, 20/10/2012
This is a combo (ie head and built-in speaker) transistors, variation of Hartke A100 and has the same features with a few aesthetic differences such as the "grid" silver. It should be noted, and it is also in specificity Hartke, the cone of the speaker (15 inches) is made of aluminum, which gives greater clarity to the sound, to the detriment of its "roundness", more present with the classic cardboard cones, but it is above all a matter of taste.

On the front panel there are several inputs: two jack inputs (one active and one passive, depending on your bass), two inputs "CD" (eg to connect your iPod or other MP3 player via an RCA cable. Advantage is that the volume is controlled on the drive and you can always adjust the sound of your bass amp, so you can play a song on refining the audio balance.) and a headphone input if you do not want to disturb your entourage. On the rear panel, an XLR (for the comeback) and two sheets "in" and "out" for possible effects loop complete the ball.

Neither more nor less than 100 watts of power, this is me ample rehearsal or on a small stage. Proof, as soon as I exceeds 1.5 on the volume knob, I'm already too strong ...
Question equalization difficult to make more precise: first, two bands of EQ, one allotted to low and one for treble. Then, no less than 7 bands graphic EQ, which can have almost all possible sounds: you dig the grave, we add "middle" etc.. In short, everything is possible.
There is also the presence of a "limit", which I believe works as a compressor and helps regulate the sound if it is too strong.

Another significant detail, the ability to switch the amp (like the Hartke Kickback series) can receive sound directly on oneself, to better adjust and get along better, which is important in rehearsal.


It is fast enough to handle and knobs and fiddling with the EQ graph is sound quickly that suits us.

The manual I have not used a lot, but is useful if you want to use the connections on the rear panel. It is written in English, but not translated.


Even if the aluminum cone removes dimension "vintage" cardboard cones, I can get everything I need. The big Walkin 'funky slap bass in severe slamming through the metal line, simply spend some time leaning on the front panel ^ ^

And it is possible, even with my passive bass beginner who is not yet upscale. I can make it sound like I want.

However, those who swear by the grave appreciate it unless I think (because of the aluminum cone).


Ultimately, I am extremely pleased, especially with Equalization and pure condensed power combo.
The value for money is excellent, it will take at € 320 and € 380 depending on whether you are about supporters of purchase via internet or not.

Small, but mighty! (Hartke - A35)

By soul cleaner, 28/01/2013
Small combo amp cabinet.
For the baffle: I love metal membrane typically hartke medium that gives good slamming surout slap.
For the amp: good settings with good volume on severe acute medium + a + a bright limit. Numerous connectors, front: input jack rca + course + headphone, and behind: xlr output, 2 jacks "effects loop" entry amp + preamp output (to experiment shortly).
Opportunity to unplug the amp to send it to another cabinet!
I like it in hartke: the connectors are well thought out and provide many opportunities.


Simplissimes adjustment (along with a small c ... 35w) and effective sounds crisp and clear. Etonament powerful, as stated by the singer with whom I used back: "Casually he sends small".


Used in back with its possibility of inclination.
A supported an electric bass, fretless bass, and a music man with all the effects without flinching!
Really surprising for a pokey little gizmo like that!


Used, therefore, to take him back or teach (not heavy, but not super light either ...) I never thought it renders as well.
All that I had seen with these little amps, especially in the field of low, I have resigned myself to sound mediocre at best with transportable. But no: it is the sound hartke, treble slam, but the sound is very round, that you ask?
It is a bit expensive, but it is not theft. I will keep a long time and think of going hartke succession to my old Peavy for my overall amplification.

Great little amp! (Hartke - A35)

By bullooi, 06/10/2013
I used to work my game flat, but it may be appropriate for a small rehearsal. (35W)


All the knobs are and the general trend is rather Blues, Jazz, Bossa, Mr. Word ... I would not advise to heavy metal.
There is a limit (not yet understood what it was used), but if it is, is that there must be a reason, especially at full power.


The sound is clear, precise and decision "to" give good results with a CD or iPod for example (for a playback game).


It is robust with a "back stage" style (he bows).
I bought 170 € OCCAZ. It's a bit expensive, but at least I got it in 5 minutes, instead of buying it on the internet and wait 3 weeks.
In short, I recommend it for personal work or rehearsal.

motteherbeuse's review (Hartke - A35)

By motteherbeuse, 20/03/2009
It's a transistor amp and power is 35W gives.
The connection is jack and output line, the rear is XLR and this is a + for this little amp.
it is equipped with 5 faade potentiometers EFFICASSES to get a good rglage: GR, MED, AIG, + BRIGHT (brightness) and LIMITER (gain of role). not to mention the headphone jack and CD;


It has all that a more reasonable way to get power, a good sound. the pots, especially the bass, are the rpondant. the LIMITER is nice and allows good grate volume since it is equipped with a LED control. lE BRIGHT, so shine, is a little more.
This is an amp that fits a lot of musical styles including: variety rock, folklore and certainly hard but stronger power.
the manual is in English and is on track easily.


It suits me on stage, back position, with 3 styles of music I play:
-folklore Breton with an active bass fretless,
country-rock-group with a passive fender jazz bass-US + some fretless
-orchestre th dancing (yes I have over 20 years but not 60 either) with jazz-bass
I use no effects pedal (for what to do!)
my goal is to get a bass sounds not metal and of course I tend to go up the bass and 3/4 MED and AIG between 3 and 5. The shine around 5 and the limiter according ben r sultat.A that the bass has active tend to hit more then: rglage gaffe at the limiter. the amp possde between a jack .... certainly passive. the use of my active bass amp is equally suitable.


I bought this amp less than 200 euros, from bientt 1 year for rehearsals to not use my Ampeg B50 (but super heavy) for the scene. But since I possde this little Hartke it became my main amp since jele transplanted in facade, like I did with the Ampeg and power is sufficient for me.
what I like is already its weight and dimensions, small price, and it fits my music style and I repeats, its power is enough for me the utility that I have. Therefore, quality price: bravo Hartke and I advise everyone. I do it again this choice without any hesitation.
if I do not it's not 10 because I have found most of this size, but much more expensive !! Is it reasonable !!!