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After moving up to Mac 10.8.5 no sound when switched on? - forum Focusrite VRM Box

Hi all, I am on a Mac Mini in 10.8.5, and justmoved up from 10.8.4 and now the VRM Box only works when disabled,how can this be? I can still hear through it but can't use the choices avilable when it is enabled.

Any ideas?
Hi David61, did you check on the Focusrite website for any available driver update of the VRM Box ?
For what I recall there hasn't been any significant change in audio handling between these two OS versions.
Thanks Banshee for the help. I have been in touch with some great people at Focusrite, but the problem stumpted them too, especially since the problem stopped the day after it began! I now have the Logic Audio output gone completely again, the rest of 10.8.5 has audio so it could be the System Library/CoreServies/ that is broken,I must use recovery mode to see if that will replace the broken

I read some posts on the Apple Mini forum, or ML forum, but they also said a full re-install would be the next step,strangely enough-after I trashed that the audio was restored in Logic. it stopped last night in the middle of a recording session so I must find a way to get it working again.

Typically Apple that this warning after permissions repair about not fixing the[ Remote audio] is on the official list of 'warnings that may be ignored' !! Not if one uses Logic, apparently.