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User reviews on Headphones Shure products

Unbalanced sound not good for mastering (SRH940)

By Efenstor, 29/10/2018
Used these for half a year and thought these were absolutely fantastic until once tried the much cheaper Sennheiser HD 200 Pro. In contrast with the Sennheisers the sound of SRH940 is very unbalanced, with over-the-top highs and rather bleak lows. Such a distortion may be good for casual listening but not for mixing and mastering. To much of my surprise, with the Sennheisers I managed to hear much more subtle nuances in my mixes which I could not hear with SRH940. I don't say these headphones are bad, they are decent and much more comfortable to wear than the cheap plastic Sennheisers but their sound is certainly not great, at least it doesn't worth the price, although they come with a fine case and a pair of detachable cables (Sennheiser HD 200 Pro's cable is not detachable). I think Shure is an amazing brand when it comes to mics but it seems their headphones are nothing but okay.

Pleasantly surprised (SE215)

By babas3d, 15/10/2014
hehe just three days
I tested a lot of low-end headphones and monitor headphones.
They do not have as much bass as my DT770 but it's fine for a price 50% lower, urban use and a smaller footprint.

The quality / price is very good nine to 73 € shipping included in relay point with A € 100 in most other brands it's still not bad but less:-) .

If I lost mine, I would buy direct.

I use the metro and RER with music rather rock-metal.

This is my first in-ear, I find them very comfortable with moss ball style quies.
So you have a little crush them before placing them in the ear and wait for them to call into shape for optimal listening.

The cable is fine, its ample length and it is a little stiffer than anything I had that which prevents kinking when the ranks too hard in his bag.

They are not necessarily easy to put on but once in place, they hold very well.

No discomfort or heated ears after an hour of listening as the sound is well balanced and defined no headache either.

The original foam tips installed by default on the headphones fit my ears.
One of them is a little damaged / crushed on one side because of the prolonged storage in the box.

3 sizes of ear tips quies and plastic foam are supplied either 6 pairs of tips.

I find the sound very good for the use I made.

We're pretty well insulated from the outside.
Without music I have the impression that the subway is a very calm and quiet and we hardly hear the trains into the station.

The noise level is very good and thanks to the insulation, no need to put the phone to the bottom to listen to my music.
I tested thoroughly, between songs he does a kind of decompression inside the ear which is not very pleasant.

In fact I think it means a little but two thirds of this level is strong enough to be a good listener without disturbing others.

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Sonarworks adds support for 5 new headphones

Published on 04/01/16
Sonarworks has added five new models to its list of default calibration curves for Reference 3 Headphone.

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