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User Review

Its unusable! - Reviews AKG K77

I use (for lack of resources) for three years. Knowing his faults, I always replay with an old AKG open (K240 type older) which is not practical (I spend endlessly from one to the other)

I had a beyerdynamique DT-231 Pro, for the same price, the sound was exploitable (and especially no intonation problems in the bass) and allowed to position microphone correctly and make a pre-mix without aberrations by against foams are self destroyed after 3-4 years, and it was less finished than the AKG K-77.

For the price, I really recommend (the beyerdynamique is much better!)

With experience, I do not would resume!

I use it for his vocals and instruments made.
It is relatively comfortable, lightweight, no problem size (small head).
There are better comfort but for the price, this is great!

I use it regularly, it is relatively abused but no problem strength or wear. (3 years of use)

The sound is difficult to use.
What you hear in the headphones is very far from reality, the bass is too pronounced but poorly defined causing intonation problems in vocals in the bass.
For taking his instrument and the pre-mix, which you seem fine with this headset is simply always disappointing with another listening, lack of definition is flattering but very misleading.