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User Review

opa2134a's review - Ibanez AS100

Japanese-made guitar from 1980 (we'll look at this model is the first of the series)
Mahogany end Type 60 frets velve touch, ebony fingerboard.
ST Bridge Bridge (ABR1 deviation)
Quick Change tailpiece.
2 Humbucker Super 70, 3-position selector, 2 volume, 2 tone.
Antique Violin Sunburst Finish
Birch body with through-beam (whole body)


The ease of play, the comfort of the body smaller and reasonable weight make this guitar a "player"
The frets Velve Touch are very well placed and comfortable, the ebony exquisite touch.
Level, I do not have the original pickups, but acoustically, we immediately feel more tight a Gibson bass, pronounced mids and treble present.
No aggression, just accuracy.
If you play soft, it sounds sweet, if we go inside, she responds well.
Pure Nickel strings with D'Addario November 48, it has a vintage grain well, with less thickness than Gibson, but less low stools, the whole is fairly balanced.


The pickups have been changed by the previous owner, they are noteworthy (no visible mark)
These pickups are creamy and soft, which adapts perfectly with fast and accurate acoustic guitar.
It is rather bright, but she really has a nice midrange presence and precise bass.
Rivera Venus 3 on my I have a pretty perfect sound, I have nothing to complain about.
The handle may seem late for some, but the key is large and comfortable.
She undergoes planif but well hard frets held shock and intonation is good.


I played in concert, she supported me in difficult times, the sound was the appointment.
I paid € 600 this guitar is a great quality for money, but I think it more dimension because it is rare (1980)
I think the super 70 are worse than the 58, but I have neither the one nor the other, just unbranded microphones (maybe the Maxon 90s) that sound!
The knobs are not as progressive as the CTS, but they are original and there is no crack, ditto for the selector, not a hum, no sign of weakness in the wiring.
So I highly recommend this guitar, but try as it is not a Gibson, it has its own personality, it is more accurate and bright, but never aggressive. We can blame some Gibson sounded too dark, this is not the case here.