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User Review

chaps31's review - Ibanez AS93 [2007-2012]

Value For Money : Excellent
See sheet manufacturer Ibanez.


Test store.
The handle is comfortable to play, the strings were a little high for me but nothing that is not adjustable, but it skews my decision to run.
For such a model is no problem of ergonomics, the fund is necessarily bigger than a solid body but no discomfort.
Access to acute is no problem.


I wanted a jazz guitar but still versatile. I have a Jackson USA and a Marshall Valvestate 80, so I was looking for a sound, warm, round, primarily to play in the clear.
I was a little disappointed ... In my opinion it comes from the microphone, input-end Ibanez. I have not found what I wanted despite the settings of knobs for tone, it was still a little too banging for my taste, notament bridge pickup a little garish for me.
So for this type of sound is not ideal for my taste, I think it will rock very good job, but for large distortion is not the right guitar (but that we ' in doubt).


On balance, do not forget the price, value for money is good, the violin is of quality but in my search for a warm, jazzy micro entry is inappropriate for me, the hollow body are more expensive the solid body of equal quality, so it begs the question, it depends what you want. In rock, clear sound is good on the other hand.

To be honest I found an Ibanez AS103 Artcore Custom WB NT-hand, and obviously nothing to do, so my disappointment is as compared to the Ibanez, which is significantly above and which has exactly the sound I Search and adjusted tone sounds very different and that is very versatile.