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Eminence Kappa Pro 15a (Eminence - Kappa Pro-15A)

By MGR/Billy, 27/11/2011
Alright here's the deal, I was playing in a band that played any and all gigs. My bass rig had to be prepared to play a coffee house or a 1200 seat club. It would then sit in a trailer on it's way to the next town and possibly get abused by the opening act. Ultimately I needed a bullet proof 1 15' speaker. That is where the Eminence Kappa Pro comes in.

I him and hawed over dozens of raw speakers online. I had just purchased some Beta series Eminence and was impressed with them so I thought I would go the next step; for $170 the Kappa Pro 15' by Eminence was at my door.

Since then I have 6 months and close to 50 shows under its belt.

It sounds huge. What good is a speaker that lasts forever and has unlimited power if it sounds rotten?

It mounted right into the wholes drilled for the original speaker that came in my Peavey cabinet.

It can take a beating I've had my 700 watt bass about half way up through it and the speaker was still asking for more.

This speaker is meant to be pushed. It doesn't sound too great quietly, but more than likely you are interested in this speaker because you blew you others!

Ferrite magnet, an aluminum voice coil coated in polyimide. Paper cone with cloth edging. The frame is built from a rugid aluminum. 3' voice coil and after endless blabber on the science of things you don't understand, this 25 pound raw speaker puts out 600 watts into 8 ohms.

An excellent choice for a replacement high powered bass cabinet or PA driver. In the right box this will sound huge. I have 6 months of abuse on this speaker and it still keeps a rockin!

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davidof's review (RCF - LF21N451)

By davidof, 08/05/2009
+/- Bought there two months to realize a sub bass, cheap, simple, good power, not fat and especially not heavy (back problem ...), hp 21 "very light / 1500w / rms / 8ohm / 98 db. really inexpensive +/- 360 euro in PROSL (Belgium) mounted in a cabinet sub / frequency used (+/- 35 hz to 80 hz) manufactured it myself on a map b / c (with some mod) (cash resembling a cube / direct radiation / event to the four corners / ctp in 15 minutes (slight) with lots of internal reinforcements (stiffness), amplified by a single amp behringer ep 4000 mode bridg, place: +/- 600 euro (without amplifier) ​​(wood glue screw handles grids ...) you have a good sub (slight) that fonctione well.


At listening well



Djweb's review (Celestion - K15-100)

By Djweb, 31/03/2005
If someone would have the characteristics of this product?
Boomer Celestion K15-100
Medium Monacor HS200
Tweeter Monacor TH60
Thank you in advance.

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