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Top notch (B&C Speakers - 10HPL64)

By Jack&Ho, 16/11/2014
Weight ratio, power / sensitivity
Usage in Lower Medium System 2.1, bi-amplified satellites (with 10HPL64) + subwoofer
QSC RMX Allimentés a 1850 hd


Sensibilitée 90Hz linear up box 21L (deformation beyond this volume)
The sound is good, very accurate, dynamic and hp has excellent behavior


Mounted in October 2014, I've only tested the RCF is a hp can be used both in Hi-Fi sound that it has a good price / quality ratio, I would not hesitate to buy from B & C.

Huge (RCF - MB15N351)

By rm31, 05/05/2014
I buy these HP to add to my system Martin Audio F2. What to say, removing F2M r'ajoutant and this one I have a very good system. No distortion, huge bass in medium, very large clarities.

That are wired into an amp Crest Macro Tech 1200.


Very neutral but it was not too dry side like many HP PA. Recommend


I use it for 2 months. 2 strong points to note: Their sensitivity removes the need for a very powerful amp. Their range of frequencies (40-3000Hz) allows you to change the crossover point for a clearer and less aggressive.

not bad (Beyma - 12B100R)

By anael32, 30/04/2014
How long have you use it? 1 sold my years thereafter

Have you tried many other models before buying it? so greatly

What is the particular feature you like best and least? use in hi fi speaker 3 see beautiful descent into the grave
the less flexible suspension foam that disintegrates over time

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$135 Reverb classified ad