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User Review

The best amp for the money with a real punch and very useable warm complex tones - Reviews Vox AC15VR

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Its actually a very versatile amp that can do almost any sound. It took me a while to stumble upon this amp. I have had many amps before including Marshall MG15, Roland Cube 30X, Roland Cube 80XL, Vox VT40+ and Blackstar ID30. My dad has a Blackstar HT40.

I had been looking for a while for a secondhand AC15 but never found one that was either within my price range or good enough in condition or near enought o where I live.

Anyway I had seen this lots of times in stores and had always for some reason overlooked it but finally while auditioning an AC10 I decided to try this as well.

I can say that I was quite blown away by this amp. It sounds like an AC10 or AC15. It doesnt go as loud and is missing some of the uncomfortably sharp treble on the AC15 but I turn that down anyway. What it has is an extra overdrive channel that gives harder distortion so its almost like buying this amp and a Boss DS1 pedal.

I use it to play lead sections for EDM that I am writing and for jamming with friends.

In a home/garage jamming situation it stacks up very well with the Blackstar. It is not as versatile as the Blackstar but it has a signature sound that the Blackstar lacks.

I love all the sounds and feel I can get good sounds across the range.

It is not exactly like a Vox AC15 but then an AC4 isnt either and neither is an AC10. For that matter the AC15 is not like the AC30. But it is definitely very much in the ballpark.

I have used all the modellers including the Blackstar ID30 and also a Catlinbread pedal that is supposed to emulate the AC15 sound.

I can tell you unequivocally that the AC15VR comes far closer to that sound than anything short of the real thing.

Having said that in many ways it is far more useable. I can get better sounds at very quiet bedroom levels than on the tube amps. And it definitely sounds very much like a tube amp.

Its also lighter and turns on quicker.

I dont particularly like the reverb which is really quite subtle. I am thinking of upgrading the unit inside with the stronger version as soon as the warranty runs out.

Anyway take it from me. This is a lovely amp that can hold its own against amps double the price and for this price it is a steal. I cannot understand what some of the reviewers on this site are writing about it.