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Ibanez AEG10BK (Ibanez - AEG10E)

By MGR/finger pickin good, 08/12/2001
I had a beautiful Vantage guitar that fell and cracked down the face when my strap popped. I started visiting local guitar shops and found this beautiful Ibanez. Retail price was 499.00 I got it for 299.00 new at a discount guitar shop.

First of all, it a an easy fit. Real comfortable to hold and play (especially for us girls). The tone is oh sooo sweet for being a thin body guitar...but that is probably because it was made for performing with large instruments. The body is made for it to be heard.
The Fishman pick up is very sweet as well with a nice bass boost button. The neck is an easy don't lose tone or clarity riding up the fret board towards the cut out. I was in love with this thing after just a few hours. The abalone inlay is gorgeous.

So far there is no complaints. One warning aabout something not very serious, think twice about High Gloss Black Finishes, they show every mark and finger print.

Spruce Top and Mahagony sides and back give it sweet tone. I have had other guitarist hear it and ask to play around with it. The only word I keep coming up with is sweet. The tone has a beautiful clarity to it. The Detailing adds class. They don't use bone for the neck joint. It's something called Ivorette I think. I can tell a small difference with the string pick up and individual tone clarity.

This guitar would be great for a beginner because of price, but would also be excellent for the advanced guitarist because of looks, feel and sound.

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Ibanez AEG10E (Ibanez - AEG10E)

By MGR/aaron, 06/03/2010
This is a very nice acoustic/electric model, with a black gloss finish. The guitar features a built-in tuner, phase, and eq. I play heavy nickel-wound strings and would recommend this guitar to anyone as a great practice guitar.This is one of many guitars in my collection. I have been playing guitar for around fifteen years now. I mostly play and record on my own. I enjoy writing instrumental tracks and recording the different tracks.

I acquired this guitar three years ago as a Christmas present from my wife. We purchased it at Guitar Center in Robinson, PA for about $350, I think. I chose this guitar, because it is acoustic/electric cutaway, features a slimmer body than traditional acoustics, and has built-in electronics.

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I really like the action and the tone of this guitar. It has a really good feel and the neck isn't too thick. I enjoy the built-in electronics, especially the tuner, and it just has a nice look to it. For an acoustic, it plays really smooth. I looked at quite a few different models and brands, and for the price, this one was perfect.

As of yet, I haven't found anything wrong with the guitar. The reason I bought it, was because I liked the design and playability. It has everything needed to be a great guitar.

The construction is very solid and the quality is up there with more expensive models. The sections fit tightly together, and the trim makes it look real smooth. The knobs are a bright silver and are durable. This guitar can take a beating and still sound good. It holds its tune really well also.

The bottom line is that this is a good guitar for anyone, from a beginner to a touring pro. It is versatile and has a really nice tone. If I had to do it again, I would make the same choice. Sure, there are more expensive guitars, but for the price, this one is great. I would recommend this guitar to anyone that is in the market for an acoustic. As a collector of various guitars, this is one of the favorites in my collection. For the price, I couldn't pass this one up.

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Junky666's review (Ibanez - AEG10E)

By Junky666, 06/07/2013
I heuuu 3-4 years since I do not know> <It's sure bends crazy it is useless need a elec guitar (though ^ ^) but the handle is fine and pleasant for me my sg: p


I most often used in acoustics when I do not want to plug my amp actually ^ ^ "I hit it with the phone, fratellis, lifehouse ... all owls acoustic tracks and frankly it sounds! Certainly a little metallic but not displease me.

Once connected it is nirvana, the sound settings are super easy, even with a Crunsh she's doing the hand ;)


So here it 3-4 years the beast and it still holds up very well, priceless mention the string addarios I have not changed yet (yes I know it's wrong but as it is: D) I would this guitar is really good for its price, then we love, we do not like, test, if you like the sound, do not worry, the quality is there ;)

A good entry level (Ibanez - AEG10NE)

By Syl vain, 10/01/2014
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I love the ergonomics of small boxes.


Nylon guitar, I bought it to get into the bossa directory.
Petty cash can play even when the children are asleep!
However, the sound is pretty poor when not amplified ... With a good acoustic amp, the guitar takes on another dimension and becomes quite enjoyable.


I used a small year before changing to a guitar a little more "upscale" to have acute, including clearer.
The price / quality ratio is very good.
With the experience I would do this choice, the guitar has to keep some resale value.

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