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What is this top?? (Ibanez - ART300)

By iamqman, 07/12/2011
If you have spent any time with a Gibson Les Paul guitar than this will be a similar type guitar from feeling, weight, and balance. The overall tone of this guitar is very like a Gibson Les Paul guitar. Primarily due to because of the body shape of the instrument and also the wood that is used throughout the build process. This guitar features mahogany wood for the body and a neck much like a Gibson Les Paul guitar would feature. You also have a maple top which is textured kind of peculiar. So the top of it is has a rough feeling instead of a smooth top.


Ibanez ART300 Specifications

Neck: ART neck
Neck Type: ART (set-in)
Body: Mahogany body with Scalloped Maple top
Frets: 22 Medium frets
Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood
Inlay: Diamond
Bridge: Gibraltar III bridge
Neck Pickup: Ibanez LoZ-N neck pickup
Bridge Pickup: Ibanez LoZ-B bridge pickup
Hardware Color: Black Nickel


This guitar is a instrument that if you want something as an alternative to a Gibson Les Paul guitar and you might be impulse to pick this instrument up. However I would warn you though that the texture top on the top of the body is a little strange. So it's more of a rough feeling on the top than a smooth feeling which gives you this allure that it's almost like a crocodile skin on the top of your guitar. It's very strange to me and I really don't care for that much. Overall the tone is pretty much the same as any other Gibson Les Paul guitar. Therefore you can have a tone that can be warm, thick, and juicy especially when you get a medium high gain amplifier setting from your amp or your effects/overdrive pedals. Therefore if you're looking for a cheaper and more metals looking dare I say Gibson Les Paul type guitar than this might be more up your ally.


These guitars have been discontinued for a while but you can still find them online somewhat easily. I've seen them range right around $400 or so. They do come in different colors but they're probably even more harder to find in the color you want. If you're looking for something that's pretty inexpensive and don't want spend a lot of money getting that particular Les Paul tone than this might be a good alternative for you. It's a decent price if you like Ibanez guitars so for the money it is a decent pickup.

Ibanez getting it right (Ibanez - ART700EQM)

By tjon901, 08/12/2011
The Ibanez Artcore line has been around for a long time but it has never really taken off. Ibanez being known for their superstrats doesnt really push their single cut guitars which is sad because they are doing some good stuff with their recent models. This is one of the higher end Artcore guitars but you couldnt tell from the price. This guitar has a mahogany body with a quilted maple top. It has a mahogany set neck with a rosewood fretboard. The fretboard has block inlays with big frets. Up top you get 6 standard tuners but the bridge is a modern locking design. What puts this guitar over the top is the active EMG pickups. At this price its pretty much unheard of that a guitar would come with good pickups. There are Ibanez's that cost 1000 dollars that dont come with good pickups and you can get this guitar for 400 with real EMG's. This guitar has an 81 in the bridge and a 60 in the neck with a master volume and a tone control for each pickup. There is a 3 way toggle to switch with.


This guitar has a more traditional feel than most Ibanez guitars. The neck is a bit thicker and the radius is a bit rounder but the playability is still there. With the active EMG's from the factory Ibanez gives you a battery compartment and it is better than the compartments you get on some ESP's where you have to unscrew it and it doesnt really save you any time. The compartment on this guitar has a tab so you can open it very quickly.


A stock Ibanez that sounds good is very rare nowadays. There are prestige models that still come with generic Ibanez pickups. For 1000 dollars less you can get this Ibanez with active EMG's. On this guitar you get the classic 81 in the bridge. WIth the 81 in the bridge you get razor sharp tone that can handle any type of metal you can throw at it. The lower you tune the better it sounds because it has such a high end sound. The 60 in the neck does everything that the 81 cant do or doesnt do well. It has a good modern clean tone and you can get a nice bluesy low gain tone.


When you find a crazy deal like this you should pick it up. Everyone always rags on Ibanez for putting such garbage pickups in their guitars and now there is a model that is reasonably priced with pickups that everyone likes. These guitars arent in stock at a lot of places and for good reason. If you are looking for a nice low priced metal guitar this guitar is up there with the ESP LTD's of yesteryear. You dont come across deals this good very often.

Holy Cow!! (Ibanez - ART320)

By iamqman, 31/01/2012
The Ibanez ART320 series is basically an alternative to a Gibson Les Paul guitar. Ibanez is really known for their tube screamer overdrive/distortion pedals and they're also known for their inexpensive budget friendly shredding guitars which take on a Fender Stratocaster style body shape. These guitars really take on the Gibson Les Paul body shape which has a different style of tone and voicing. These kind of guitars are really going to grab if you're on a budget and you can afford the real Gibson Les Paul guitar. They are quite nice to look out and they have done a good job building these guitars. They do come at a price that is very reasonable and they have that same comfortable neck profile that you would find on many of the other Ibanez guitars. They have a variety of different colors that you can get on this particular model which gives it even more appeal.


Neck Dimensions:
- Scale/Length: 628 mm/24.75 inches
- Width at Nut: 43 mm
- Width Last Fret: 58.5 mm
- Thickness 1st Fret: 20 mm
- Thickness 12th Fret: 22.5 mm
- Radius: 305 mm

Body: Mahogany body/ Flamed Maple top

Frets: Medium frets

Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood

Inlay: Diamond inlay

Bridge: Gibraltar III bridge


The tone on this guitar is very much like any other Gibson Les Paul instrument. They usually featured a mahogany body and neck with a nice flame maple top. This is a great wood combination that you're fine on some of the higher and Gibson Les Paul guitars but here you find it on a budget friendly Ibanez version. So when you put this guitar in front of a nice high gain or even medium gain amplifier you will get a great solid rock tone. It's hard to get this guitar to clean up very well, so you'll have to get in front of a nice Fender clean amplifier if you want to get a sparkling clean tone.


At new you could find his guitar sure right around $550 which is a great price for a great sounding and extremely well-balanced instrument. These guitars are nice budget friendly alternatives for someone who wants that Les Paul style of tone who wants a budget friendly guitar in a custody profile of many of the Ibanez shredding guitar necks. I would recommend this guitar to someone looking for a good alternative to a Les Paul instrument and doesn't want to pay thousands of dollars to achieve it.

Ibanez ART100 (Ibanez - ART100)

By MGR/Billy, 27/09/2011
The latest model from the Artist series, the ART100 was recently awarded one of the best bang for your buck single cuts. It gives you a nice Les Paul sound with a little more playability.

I demo'd this for about an hour at my local music shop through a Mesa Boogie 1x12 combo. For $299 I gotta say I was diggin on it. I played 3 of them and the quality was very even with them all.

It features the same pickups that you'll find in the Artcore series of Ibanez, so they aren't rip your head off screaming, but they can do the fat clean tone and a nice metal crunch.

The neck was a Les Paul shape, yet it wasn't a total baseball bat like some are.

The strap buttons have a nice fat end on them. No need for strap locks unless you are doing some crazy stunts.

I wasn't a fan of the 12th fret inlay. I would have picked simple inlay dots, but hey, I can live with it.

Although 22 frets is plenty, I was sort of hoping Ibanez would've given it a 24 fret neck like most of their other guitars.

I really liked the dark red finish, the other finishes are very bold though; silver, white and a very eye-popping blue. I would suggest seeing these colors in person before ordering them online.

The body is mahogany and it is a set neck design, yes a set neck for under $300! I learned the bridge was made and designed by Gibraltor, the same company that makes drum stands and racks.

Definitely should be considered. I haven't played too many other single cuts for $300 that played/sounded this nice!

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