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User reviews on Ibanez ARX products

One of my first guitars (Ibanez - ARX100)

By ericthegreat, 25/09/2011
This was my second guitar to be added to my collection and I love it. The only thing I have changes is the tuners because I didnt think the stock tuners held very well. Other than that it is perfect! Great action, good feel, fast neck, alot of crunch for stock pickups and it looks amazing. I have 3 other electrics in my my collect - Ibanez SZ520 - Emerald Green, LTD-500 Trans-Black, and a PRS SE Custom - Blue Matteo and for some reason I pick this guitar up the most. Can't say enough about it. If you are looking for a great mid level guitar look no further.


The neck on this guitar is thin and fast. Very nice for a CHINA built guitar. I expected less quality, but I was wrong. Great sound, slick finish,and light weight. It came with nice low action, and that surprised me. Nice full humbucker sound. For the money you cant go wrong with this one. When I bought one of these just recently, and I can say that I'm very happy with it. I'm not really experienced enough to compare it with other guitars, but it seems like one of the nicest guitars in its price range. It sounds great, feels good, and is fun to play. Of course, it also has an awesome look! It actually seems a little bit darker than it looks in the picture, but it's a beautiful finish. Definitely worth at least a try!


sounds excellent!


Overall, This is a very nice $400.00 guitar that is good competition with the Epi LP series costing about the same. It is no match for it's big brother, the SZR720 for looks, as the neck is set in more like an LP and does not flow as if it was one piece of wood. All the visual stuff aside, the guitars action is set low out of the box (as most of us like it) and the neck is fast except for a bit of bite on fret edges which is not that bad. If I lost it, I would buy another to replace it; NUFF SAID

flodornfall's review (Ibanez - ARX300)

By flodornfall, 17/08/2006
Guitar midrange output of new Chinese factories to Ibanez, which explains the low price of this guitar. Channel 22 frets, 2 humbuckers with 3-position selector Ibanez, 2 volumes and a general tone. Mahogany body with beautiful flamed maple table, rosewood fingerboard. Mother of pearl inlay on the neck binding and imitation ivory. Bridge with fixed tailpiece rapidly changing strings. Profile of the handle very Les Paul as well as its weight very similar. For the price, the guitar is very well made!


Handle very comfortable but you must love this profile very Les Paul. In short it is a cut for the guitar rhythm aficionados handles high-speed Ibanez will be lost! Access to acute is not optimal as all of these templates Maisler vintage is not the goal. The guitar is easy in hand. At that price nothing to say!


The sound of the Ibanez pickups can be improved even if accurate and friendly. The microphone sends the sharp sauce while the output level is not huge. Serious when the microphone to him is quite successful. The guitar sounds great vacuum and we find this feature when connected. The general trend in saturated fat is really thick. The clean sounds are pretty when their classics. In short perfectible but again at that price, remarkable.


As for Ibanez acoutumée with this type of range there is a high quality violin and guitar really well over that attracts the eye at first glance. Frankly at that price I have rarely seen one as beautiful table. As against all that concerns the electronics can be improved (yes you still want to not like you put the knobs upscale and Seymour that price anyway ???). I have just changed all the knobs and the pickups and there is a vamp! I mounted above the Bareknuckle pickups and the result is simply amazing. There are a huge grain (thank you wood) and a definition of each note best even on saturated fat agreements. In short this is a guitar that looks worth it because with a few changes we are left with the sound of guitars worth 5-6 times the price thereof. Brief yet successful bet for Ibanez. I currently have one and I will soon sell one of my other guitars to acquire a second with a different pickup configuration. In short, the conclusion remains the same ... If the violin is good to base the rest will follow! I have owned much more expensive guitars (Guild Brian May, Les Paul Custom, etc) Arx and I like this more than anything. Not that both are so good, quite the contrary, it's just that this guitar will change once his true personality and not sound like any other. It is the mark of a good guitar. Changes after short, my guitar came back to about 700th. At this price there is simply no equivalent on the market is the top level. And what a look ... The soloists will cover flat, you can go your way, this guitar is not for here, she plays hard and fight with fautse short, the vintage is really philospohie and rhythmic.
Finally a guitar that will satisfy the beginner looking for a good instrument to start and the player who will most discerning in detecting potential. This is a guitar that I bought on a favorite after seeing (it is really beautiful) and that became my main guitar just for the mods. And again at that price it's just been ... In short there is no point looking at the prices to gauge the quality of a guitar. Ibanez shown for many years and obviously continues to do ...

Totolight's review (Ibanez - ARX300)

By Totolight, 27/04/2006
A very neat aesthetic model for mid-range of ibanez. The soundboard is toout simply beautiful with shades of red and black are a perfect match. The settings of the three knobs are very flexible, we obtain the desired sound quickly (Although I prefer to just settle back and on my amp) The shells are also very friendly and provide good visibility of keys. A guitar is easy to learn, although a bit heavy in my opinion.


The pearl of the handle are very friendly and provide good visibility of keys. A guitar is easy to learn, although a bit heavy in my opinion. The sound is very good even without being connected. This guitar is in my opinion rather for the rhythmic melodies of more than solo. The frets are fairly thick and access to the finishing touches is not very easy.


The sound suits me perfectly, I play a Peavy ValveKing 212 and TS9, be it a ballad or a pop rock very powerful guitar responds very well. The sound is very clear and well balanced for all that is rhythm. The soloist will go their way, however. The strings are not close enough to the frets. The pickups are quite far the response time is too chui in my opinion.


I use it for 3 months. It's a real treat. I really flashed on aesthetics. I confess I have not looked elsewhere too but ultimately the choice is perfect for me. It is a very versatile guitar. Easy access for the guitarist with a small level.

Sam_k's review (Ibanez - ARX300)

By Sam_k, 22/02/2008
Ibanez guitar straight out of Chinese factories (dc rserv guitar on a budget who want a tool no chr but that looks more or less has something)

23 frets, 2 humbucker with three positions (watch the rglage freight is a remake ds systematically buying the guitar, Ibanez default of fab and it's not the only mark)
3 knobs (volume and two Tone)
No vibrato (regrettable some)

Until l is a guitar

Most is the look (but the tremolo arm really would have been a plus for a lespauls imitation)!


Channel rather pleasant but still very perfectible anyway ... The access to acute left limit (this is not a strat or tlecaster)
A rather low weight compar to my other guitars

To play at either or as a backup guitar is super convenient to the scene I strongly dconseille ....


And this is the gate that is ca ...

And yes forcment has always wanting shooting the lowest prices we forget the essence of a true guitar sound. L we do not all agree, I accept it but then all the same as the sound of a guitar from 800 to 1500 speaks more than 420 guitar is forced ment empty.

For Dtail: someone who knows nothing and does not compare this guitar or watch something else even has his own guitar bought a pack, he will say that it is gnial, AC is happening on an instrument has a toy ...

The sonority of the guitar remains tt typ even very rock, metal, virtually impossible to get a clear sound (it's a lespauls certe but even a Les Paul has a clear sound normally) too much saturation even with a blues amp. By AC against force if it is a force ... She is the saturation dpote and makes noise, but noise ... enormment Ds that saturation is too grows at the amp sound is inaudible and loses bcp precision, we hear nothing. So for lespauls AC spend more. If we can play rock / Mtal as a lightweight saturation ca not. Dc here is the big problem is a guitar that has a sound very perfectible ...

Guitar solos I talk with not even a scratch like the prvue is ahead for the rhythm, but you can tent it is audible at a certain point but the real solos with the saturation c is poorly barr ...


So here is an instrument certe. I'm one myself, but compar to my American Deluxe Stratocaster to 1500 there's nothing a compar (I have even a better saturation) and grds guitarists understand me.

Maybe when changing microphones and the precision knobs would, but it will never be a grd ca guitar is on because the origin of the problem is ds violin and not the Electronic. Change amp donnerea nothing.

For those who play the guitar at home and doing small rp is not bad at tt and is doing well facing other guitars of the same price. Even for beginners to start learning ...

on the other hand for "I have no sub" who want a real guitar 200, it is better to wait a year or two and buy a real guitar worthy of the name that is excellent ds departure rather than buying a guitar like that and tamper, AC would most expensive and ca be worse. (Knowing it has 800 starts Adi has ds tap the high-end in fender I rflchit not too much)

For the stage it is obvious that this guitar is excluded, because the sound is trsmdiocre (I fair warning to the event will have one concern), even with a good amp instrument m diocre remain mediocre. You have to have good stuff ds the beginning is paramount on stage.

The report quality price depends what you want. I always say that for a price mini was not the max !!! I think it's a low-end instrument.

If I had the choice again I would buy a downright true lespauls not imitaion that mimics the stuff less well on a skyscraper (knowing that it costs real ds 1500 to 2000 more)