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Ibanez ATK

Ibanez ATK810E

Series Ibanez

User reviews on Ibanez ATK products

Audiofanzine FR's review (Ibanez - ATK300 [2007-2010])

By Audiofanzine FR, 11/12/2008
(Originally written by seb_c_bien/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
3-coil pickup.

Active, bass, medium, treble.

I would prefer an overall tone control!

Cheap/moderate finish


A bit rough but quite pleasant neck.

Good playing comfort although the instrument could be more ergonomic with a thumb rest for finger picking.

To replace the battery you have to unscrew the rear plate.


VERSATILITY: You can play everything with this bass guitar! The active EQ and the 3-way toggle switch (attack, classic and whatever) provide huge possibilities. For finger picking select the classic setting, boost the low-end and reduce the highs: You'll get a round and warm sound but with not enough sustain, unfortunately. The bass is also very good for slapping thanks to its EQ and switch (in attack mode). The sound growls a bit and has a powerful impact. For pick playing (select the center position, turn the low and high controls fully on and turn the mids halfway), the sound is also very good but the instrument starts to show its limitations, the sound loses definition and presence (which, on the other hand, might be normal with such settings).

LINEARITY: the response is quite flat and characterless (for more character, buy a passive bass). This bass guitar emphasizes the quality of the amp you use.

BALANCE: Well-balanced frequency response, good note and octave balance, powerful E-string.

I also tested it with a Big Muff fuzz pedal and a fat distortion (DOD FX-69)!

EQ: Not very subtle but extremely effective and accurate volume control! The selector has a subtle influence on the sound and it's good so otherwise it would have been too much and the instrument would have lost versatility.


°Before buying it I tested an Ibanez Signature (Korn's bassist model) and it disappointed me.

I also tried out a budget Cort A4 which wasn't that bad but the sound had less dynamics and was not so versatile.

A Squier PB modified: unbalanced sound.

A Squier PB: unbalanced sound without punch.

An Ibanez SDR: too twangy for my taste.

°Compared with this instruments, the ATK-300 provides a very good performance.


I've been using it for one month and I find the price/quality/versatility ratio very good. It's a good instrument for beginners or for other musicians who want to learn bass guitar.

I bought it secondhand and I think I would have to spend a lot more money to find a better sounding and more versatile instrument.

Great choice for any style. (Ibanez - ATK305 [1995-1999])

By heads on fire, 11/12/2011
Model ATK305
Series ATK
Neck Joint Bolt on
Body Wood Light Ash
Neck Wood 3pc ATK5 Neck
Machine Heads Ibanez
Fingerboard Maple
Frets 22
Pickups Active
Bridge ATK 5 bridge
Case Included No
Pickguard Yes
Body Color Black Sparkle
# of strings 5
Other Features Black Dot Inlay


This bass is Ibanez's answer to the MusicMan Stingray basses. It features bolt-on maple neck construction, a substantial bridge, and a big bass humbucker. The body is made of ash, for a classic Fender tone (and lighter weight). One thing I really liked in this instrument is the low B - it was very tight, not floppy like many 5-string basses are. Playability on this neck is really nice - the neck is weighty, and on the thicker side, but the fretboard radius is highly playable, and the fretwork is especially good for the price range. And for workmanship - the fit and finish are what I've come to expect from Ibanez guitars - that is to say, great!


This ATK bass works well for all genres. Classic rock, funk, jazz, metal, country, pop, reggae, dancehall, rockabilly, disco... the bass would sound good in any context. The pickup sounds very full, yet with a minimum of line or humming noise, and the built in equalizer circuit gives the bass plenty of range and versatility when carving out one's tone.


This bass is a great instrument. It tends to balance a bit neck heavy on the strap, but it's not too bad. Playability-wise, this can do any technique well, so it gets high marks from me on that. And sonically, this bass is a great choice, no matter on stage or in the studio, and no matter what style. It doesn't hurt that this bass is a very good-looking instrument! I'll give this a 9 overall.

Ibanez ATK 300 (Ibanez - ATK300 [2007-2010])

By MGR/dan, 25/11/2004
I snagged this baby at a pawn shop for $175 out the door with an Ibanez case.

I always thought I would like to play guitar, but my hands & fingeers are huge, and trying to wrestle guitar strings never worked. When I picked up this bass, I picked up a mighty massive (both size and weight) guitar, and found I could actually hit one string at a time!

This bass comes with a huge chrome bridge, ash body w/maple neck, and a beautiful furniture-like finish. It is buil like a s**t brickhouse. It also has 4 knobs (volume, bass, mid, and treble controls) as well as a switch that allows you to shoose the coils in the soapbox style pickup.

It might be a dream if it were a little lighter, but I have picked up lighter basses and this ones weight seems to fit it's size. Really no complaints.

SOlid. Thruough and through. Nice wood, beefy bridge, clean frets, great finish.

I think they still make these out of Japan, and if you are big guy like me, try to get one. You won't be sorry.

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rha61's review (Ibanez - ATK400)

By rha61, 16/02/2008
Lower manufactures in Korea
24 medium frets
1 neck pickup like Jazzbass and pickup coil-type triple musicman
the largest chevaletconnu date: a huge plate!
5-position switch, volume, 3-band equalizer and big gap: no balance microphones
mahogany body with ash table, round 3 pieces maple and maple key


The handle is a little round but a great ease of play, c is what made me choose this low
sturdy construction, the handle has never boug in 3 years
handle so screwed means access to acute
correct weight, ergonomic shape, this bass is beautiful, it was said to me dej in concert


The sound was pretty zarbe, lack of body, artificial sharp and dry
I have therefore changed the micro bridge by a micro ATK magnet nodyme home
and it's downright another bass with a sound interesting (thud and bold, aggressive with nice treble harmonics, growl, and then round and rapid mixing with the neck pickup)
I recommend without hesitation that change (135)
we can change the op amp 2 of electronics, they are removable and with good low power op amp (TLE2022 in my case), the sound is a little more transparency and weight
I put the note 10 but with the new pickups and Modified prampli


Here is a bass that I have chosen to keep, for the quality and personality of the sound that it produces (c is the atk300 with more versatility: micro serious + lower part of the body mahogany)