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Ibanez FA/FG

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User reviews on Ibanez FA/FG products

dopo's review (Ibanez - FG100)

By dopo, 30/07/2005
Dj explained ...


Comfort game copy handle jazz "motorway" with excellent Access in acute lgre guitar and balance


I use it mainly to record the passages calling for prsence increased noise level and is the top.
Three sounds good and typs of slecteur Tone trs efficiency.


Guitar magical sound prcis, a truly exemplary finish.
It has nothing to envy of the same type MODELS worth three times as much.
A little less at the place of agreement in the event that you play rock n roll ..

mortished's review (Ibanez - FA100)

By mortished, 08/04/2005
- Made in July 1980 for mine in Japan
- Excellent copy of Gibson ES 175 also equipped with microphones gibson in my case, 20 frets
- Asked easel type + jazz Tailpiece same as the epiphone emperor joe pass 2
- The routing of microphones is obviously typical Gibson: 3-position selector with 1 volume + 1 tone independent micro
- 3-piece set neck mahogany, rosewood fingerboard "stained" (darkened to look like ebony)

I do not put that 9 and leave room for exceptions and guitars because I do not like the chrome hardware, not gold (this swears a bit with the buttons knobs!) Nor Tailpiece


- The handle is in my opinion much better than a Gibson equivalent (and then it is beautiful to watch!) Can be a bit small for a jazz guitar but it suits me
- Access to the high treble is not of this type of guitar but with some more contortions can easily tease the 17 ° box carefree
- Some will not agree (I remember for those who do not know the guitar is a true copy of the art 175) but I find the ergonomics excellent (except for the placement of knobs but a personal grievance against the philosophy Gibson in this area) the guitar is very nice sitting ... less standing (it's not solid wood but it's heavy!) better to have a well-padded strap
- Custom is just if I use the bridge pickup and middle position, for the jazz neck pickup is perfect and just almost to himself: the sound is exceptional


- Obviously if we play metal we forget ... for jazz is a good choice if you can find one
- I use a mesa boogie v twin dealing with distortion and a Roland Jazz Chorus 77
- As said before I use the neck pickup almost all but the clean sounds are sublime, but you can jazz very well get as bluesy sound with a little crunch (the v twin is perfect for this) I do not know microphones Ibanez original but with the Gibson guitar sounds at least as well as a Gibson es175 current is four times more expensive ... to locate quickly the chorus of the Roland and a slight delay (I use a HeadRush e2) we take quickly to Metheny
- Only the lower critical shortage may be slightly sustain but it can also be due to the string


- I've had 5 days so I deepened my opinion later
- I love everything about this guitar except for some fine details of finishes ... The most impressive is its status for a lady who still have 25 years she's really like the first day or so, congratulations to its previous owner!
- I was looking for an archtop to less than € 1000 for 6 months, I tried the Gibson es 175 and 335 more to get an idea of ​​what the alleged reference segment epiphone emperor regent then, Broadway and blues zephir deluxe all who have left on my hunger to see frankly disappointed (zephir blues deluxe), a peavey rockingham too expensive for what it offers but better than the epiphone I find a ibanez af 85 not bad at all but to change pickups (for the price is a bargain) and also a Yamaha SA2200 which is rather the type ES335 ... I also thought of many other models that I could try and several yamaha aes1500 Jacobacci (r2, royal ...)

saucisson's review (Ibanez - FA100)

By saucisson, 17/10/2011
Everything has already been said. Mine is from 1981, superb finish like new, very nice neck but not a motorway and it is normal and access to acute is enough for me. Made in japan.


Everything is beautiful and good. very good violin, much better than the gibson today and yesterday as it seems.


I'm not a jazz guitarist, I'm more oriented indie pop. But this guitar is beautiful in its clear, fender hot rod on it's pretty ugly (to my taste) but I found the amp it goes well, an old hohner orgaphon of 1963! I rise in net food and it's hot, round, very unlike a telecaster or a jaguar although the bridge pickup is very acute and slamming.


Bought second-hand there are two or three years I think, I do not regret my purchase. Less versatile than the Ibanez am 70 (see notice) I use it regularly in concert and rehearsals with a constantly renewed pleasure. Rating it in the € 1000 and it's well worth!

hotjazz's review (Ibanez - FG100)

By hotjazz, 07/02/2006
Manufactures in Japan. This model is no longer manufactured today.
Very good manufacturing quality (as, I think, on the greater part of Ibanez Japan).
Channel in three parts, 20 boxes.
2 micro Ibanez (Super '58 I think).
3 possible configuration for the pickups (neck, neck + bridge, bridge).
4 knobs: volume for each pickup 1 + 1 tonalitbr /> aesthetically, it is also quite nice.


The handle is rather pleasant to play.
No problem for access to acute.
Ergonomics: Ben is a Jazz guitar what, quite bulky but nammoins trslgre.
Gets it easy to sound good? blah.
Parcontre, I must admit that the accuracy of the notes and intonation impressed me.


Nah, its a way, not very Jazz my taste. For a guitar of this price (between 1000 and 1200 euros secondhand), we can not ask for the moon. But I find that a lack of rsonnance (it's not a real semi-hollow, the thickness is more like a quarter of a case). Not particularly friendly either. Anyway, its a way, and not really jazz. However, one should be able to draw something alone, mostly in blues, well I think.


I tried one week and then resold.
At departure, I thought I'd pay quite expensive for what it was. Then I tried other guitars in this price range and they all have the same problem just got my: acoustic qualities clowns. Yet it is the only intert a half box over a solid-body: the natural rsonnance of the instrument must be felt. Honestly, I tried later to other guitars in the same budget and above, and I think the Ibanez FG 100 is not too bad class quality report view price.
But we must not dlirer either: it's not a reference number for the Jazz, otherwise has to be.