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Ibanez Musician

Ibanez MC150

User reviews on Ibanez Musician products

Ibanez 1978 MC500 Musician (Ibanez - MC500)

By MGR/Troll, 06/01/2003
I found this guitar used at Guitar Center in 1994. Love at first site. She was a steal at $500

EVERYTHING! Beautiful wood, excellent craftsmanship. It just feels good in your hands. plays like a dream & any tone you want with the dual humbuckers with coil split/series/parallel switches and a 3 band active EQ.(+ master volume & tone)
Kahler trem. locking tuners.

Nothing. Other than they are under rated.This is a very fine instrument. Based on a custom job Ibanez did for Jerry Garcia.

Excellent work. 7 ply neck thru design with alternating strips of walnut & maple. Ebony fretboard with 24 frets & abalone dot inlay. Mahogany body with beautiful ash top and back. You should see it.
Very heavy wood, breaks your back but sustains for days.

Buy one if you can find one. Great for vintage tone(and then some)Made at a period in time when Ibanez was done with their "lawsuit" copy models, but trying to create something innovative & different, while competing with the quality standards of the top manufacturers that they were just sued by.

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Ibanez Musician (MC) (Ibanez - MC924)

By MGR/AM, 10/06/2003
Baught from a friend for 300$ Canadian, including original case which still smells old! A deal and a half for such a great axe.

This is simply a beautiful instrument. I love the natural wood grain and especially the inlays. The pickups sound great, it's a very solid and heavy guitar with lots of sustain. The gold hardware is nice, and so is the finely shaped headstock.

I have absolutely nothing but good to say about this guitar. The only problems I've had are a faulty pickup switch and jack, but for a 1978 guitar, that has to be expected. It's very heavy so I use strap-locks when using it live because it has a tendency to slip out of old straps because of the weight.

The craftsmanship is excellent. Everything is built to last, no corners cut. It's more of a jazzy guitar, but it's very versatile and performs well under any conditions. Just the fact that after more than 25 years the guitar is still in mint shape says alot. The finish is also very tough, surviving most accidents, save a few bruises.

If you're looking for a great vintage guitar and happen to stumble across an Ibanez MC, don't miss your chance or you'll hate yourself forever after.

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Musician ... (Ibanez - MC940)

By Kab77, 19/12/2011
Low Japanese manufacture of 70/80 years.
The body is ash, with handle 34 "scale maple and walnut crossing in and the key is bne is a fretless 24" squares. "Class.

The fittings are gold but mcaniques money but I have been to me that rdigeant this article is that bell has not so much. I look pictures on the net and apparently it's original, bizarre as choice. The bridge looks solid and he does his job.

2 microphones, a large single coil in the bridge position of the size of a soapbar and a very large pav whose magnets are disposs as a micro precision in the neck position.

For rglages was:
1 volume
1 balance
Swtich 1 active / passive
1 tone (which operates in passive only)
1 bass knob
1 mdium knob (push / pull-changing mdium frquence on mine, I do not know if it is original)
1 treble knob

The low even uses STING.
This is a very, very, very good bass, really well built, has exudes efficiency and quality. It has an aesthetic a bit dated, but do vintage! I personally am not a fan of vintage, but I forgive him largely by manufacturing quality and especially SOUND!

I put 9, not 10, because of lesthtique.


Handle: it is a wonder. I rarely (if ever) been such a comfort to play. I have several other low, and frankly see. This is the best round 4 strings on which I played. We have a good access to acute (neck-through requires ...), the notes enchanent writ v is that of happiness.

For ergonomics, it is a bit heavy, with a good strap passes. Sitting it tends to slip a little but nothing wicked good.

Gets it easy to sound good?
Yes. Active Llectronique is very effective, we do what we want, passive was a terrible sound.
Versatile wish, it really has a very tight sound palette.

I put 10 because for me the weight is a false problem, then we saw heavier ...


The sound is the strong point of this bass.
I play a bit of everything, jazz, funk, pop, salsa, variety predilection but my style is flamenco. In all cases, a ring, and not a little. It is not for nothing that this bass is a reference number!

The neck pickup has a deep sound, rich and deep. The bridge pickup sounds more condensed prcis but sweet, has Pastorius. I t very surprised that the mix of the two microphones give its fairly modern!

What sonorits you prfrez, you dtestez?
It's simple, as long as not grow eq Basically, I like the sound of this bass. In all configurations was a musical sound.

I put 10 without hesitation.


I use it for a few months and I'm entirely satisfied.

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
I have several other low, especially a Fender Musicman Stingray and Jazzbass but it were not what I was looking for.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Most: playing comfort, SOUND
The least: Heuu ... maybe the volume difference between the two microphones, but it's really just Dtail ...

Overall rating: 9 because the vintage look is not my thing.

Lodi128's review (Ibanez - MC924)

By Lodi128, 21/09/2007
Lower pure juice Japanese, finish is exceptional ....
Two microphones standards placs just l o it is necessary mcaniques oil bath fittings gold.
Electronics more active three-band scales microphones, a general volume and a passive Tone.
Channel driver.


Weight is everything corect.
The driver handle is the ancestor of the sleeves Ibanez, so it is very late with impeccable access in acute (24 frets, super convenient for playing wooten).


The sound is really very good thanks to the three bands equalizer.
Even if the bands are not rglables the frequencies are the places where it is necessary for the instrument.
The output level is quite correct and not the slightest breath.
It is the instrument chameleon par excellence, all sounds are accessible.
(Ex. To play the pasto I prefer to use my mc924 jazz bass because the sound is more fun ..)


I possde this low in 25 years
never a galre and level of sound in the few studios that I frquent the sounds ings Rests scotches by the quality of the instrument on stage one passes easily in the mix, never draft.
One branch rings.
If you find this bass secondhand (it's clear that it will not be mine) try.