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Ibanez Promethean

Ibanez P3110

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EBS Classic Session 120, Ibanez Promethean P3115 and Peavey Max 115 Comparison

Only One Can Survive Imagine for a moment that a fellow dressed as the mailman shows up at your door when you are about to start playing your favorite instrument: "Ding-dong! It's the mailman! I've got a parcel for you!," says an affable figure, all sweaty, with a tone that is meant to be cheerful. read more…

User reviews on Ibanez Promethean products

a good amp to work at home. (Ibanez - P5110)

By trevellin, 25/01/2012
is a class D transistor combo (that's what I read somewhere ...).
for technical, look at the site of ibanez ...
he joined as a sign that the effects are great, a compressor really useful for slap which gives a relief to fall backwards, a drive that is well saturated, and I love the sound envelopes and a filter that makes an impact wah with the power of the attack.


this amp is intuitive in operation, no need to bother to read the instructions ...
I plugged a ibanez SR 600 in and I really liked the sound, I think we can all play with ...


this amp can suit a lot of styles ...
then, of course, I put the effects, and there, I was laughing out loud so it sounded good!
not, which made me laugh is to put all the effects together, we get a sound really amazing and unusual, mix compressor that gives the slap a relief not possible with the drive that much dirty sound + the envelope filter and you'll blow the roof of your cabin!
ah! ah!


I have tried about an hour and I found it interesting in several respects: it is easy to use, built-in effects are great (compressor, envelope filter and drive), I like the color red Its weight is correct.
the least, there is no tube! sniff!
will try it and you may be surprised!

Kick ass! (Ibanez - P500H)

By carimbabar, 08/05/2012
This is a Class D digital amplifier; The connector board is of the Schuko power supply, a jack for Hp 6.35, a second, combo, both Jack and Speakon. It has a pedal input which enables or disables Eq if I remember correctly, I'm using it forever, a tuner output, an auxiliary input for adding an MP3 player for example, or a drum machine, and a headphone and line out That a / XLR DI.
Therefore complete.
Anoncée power is 250w sub 8ohms and 500 4ohms.
It has an input gain, master a equalo a switchable graphics (or off), a knob "vibe" that can go from a traditional to a modern sound, bass and treble knobs 2.


The config is very spontaneous, simple and unadorned, everything is clearly displayed, and you do not lose four years to find his son.Je find it very transparent compared to a Markbass head for example, I compare it to a rather TecAmp, for modern color.
For a more roots, the knob Vibe will do, and some adjustments to Eq.


I play many different styles depending on the projects, funk, African and jazz, and the amp I was never tired nor cowardly!
I'll take him on a tour with a punk band, I would not mind ... :-) It will be early June!
This gives crystal clear sound easy, for the slap and modern sounds, merger or other, and looking a little one arrives at the roots reggae, or good old rock with a pick, carefree, and while respecting the sound of the bass .
I use it with Jazz Bass, a 71 and another of more modern luthier, it works very well, you can play Jaco or Marcus or to Linley, if we find some necessary fingers.
The game is returned to the inch, and the game agree or tapping.
I love the sound of this amp, digital provides good fishing, an immediate side, very "punchy"!


I use it for 6months soon at least 2 times a week together, it works great. I had a lot of amp before, Markbass ht503, Hartke, Carlsbro, and I've tried a lot on stage Aguilar, Ampeg, Swr, Eden ...
But really, it is very effective in terms of its small size.
Just something strange in the winter, he put a little time to come on in cold weather surely. Otherwise the watts are there, I rarely pushes to gain 3 or 4 (4.5 in master) with a drummer in clubs or bars.
it comes in a bag, barely bigger than a car, value for money since I bought it from occaze, fits me well (approx € 300). I wanted to miniaturize my gear for not too much hassle to transport, knowing that the big scenes are already equipped with backline. But when I take him even if his head up on me do not branch. NewYorker with my 151, it fits very well.
I rachèterais happy, it is not very expensive.

Good stuff (Ibanez - P5210)

By Rich@rd, 12/09/2013
First, this is not a speaker but a combo with dual detachable speakers (the amp head can be lugging a bag provided for this purpose, case very good way). Basically, I was looking to buy a MARKBASS CMD 121 P 102 P or used but I did not find in the price range I wanted (all deals went before I had time to reacted). I stumbled by chance on a forum where owners of Promethean P5110 acquisition compared to a Markbass CMD 121 but cheaper. So I searched the classifieds and I came across a P5210 OCCAZ near me. The guy wanted 550 euros, but considering the aesthetic state (he had a little "suffered"), I got it for 400 euros. After sanded, painted and then be mounted on casters for added comfort, I got a new amp nice look and lighter (more than others, at least).

For technical specifications, it provides that:
- 500W @ 4ohms
- 2 Speakers 10 "neodymium
- Tweeter HF
- Controls: Gain, Vibe (Vintage / Modern)
- Mute, Low / High, 6-band graphic EQ, limiter
- Outputs: tuner, line, headphones
- Inputs Aux/CD/mp3

The guy before me was the rock concert in pubs. For me, it is never out of the house. The sound seemed to me very honorable although I've never really been able to collect all the subtleties of the equalizer filters and saw that I have a little problem with the perception of frequencies at low volume (including acute), and no question of push his home because Mrs. mouth before panes begin to tremble.


On this point, I'm not sharp enough to give my opinion. I can only say with my Cort A4 of the time, it slammed severe active mode as long as we find the right settings. The more acute the equalizer seemed to me unnecessary because hardly noticeable with low (against one heard the difference with the mp3 connected), but as I said above, I have a little problem of perception high frequencies at low volumes.


I used it a year and then I came across a deal not to be missed (a Markbass CMD 151 P at a very reasonable price). So I had to separate myself to finance my new acquisition. Today, I think I should have to keep since it was nicely for rare beef at home with my couzin (I do not play as a group because they are too busy with my job). The power output is the same as my CMD 151 and I do not have the ear or the lower suitable for fully appreciated the subtleties of all the settings on my Markbass. Its ergonomics are outstanding: the arrangement of baffles height allows storing all the weight is about 15 kg (memory) and the fact that the amp head detaches to be carried is very convenient. I liked the fact that the coating is not paint and carpeting, unlike Markbass that attracts dust and my cat is eager to go inaugurate its claws.

If I had to do, is what I would buy? At that price yes without hesitation!

Do I revendrais? If my wife had not brought me misery when she learned that I was going to buy a new amp and knowing that I've tois low when I do use one (and blah blah blah ...) I'll probably preserved.

Do I prefer my Markbass CMD 151P? I can not speak: the Promethean, I played with a Cort A4 while the Markbass, I play with a Fender aerodyne mounted with active pickups (aquired at the same time). I can not compare. With my flying V bass Epiphone tried both, I do not find much difference, except perhaps at serious that are more powerful with the Markbass (but not necessarily the most beautiful, but high volume).

Resale side, a Promethean resells hardly even cheap compared to a Markbass which remains a reference. Anecdote though: failing to refourguer on the internet, I proposed to the shop where I wanted to buy my new bass. The seller who had criticized the Promethean amp last week, not knowing that I owned one and hoping refourguer me a new Markbass, I picked mine at 400 euros without even try it (the price at which I had purchased) and while I did not take it a low used instead of new that I had come to try. Given his attitude and knowing that it will most likely sell the most expensive, I thought that my amp was finally better than good.

In conclusion, although I am a novice in terms of amps in general and more specifically in terms of amps 500 watts, if you are less than 500 euros and in good condition, I recommend you go at least the try.

News Ibanez Promethean

New Ibanez Promethean Bass Amp Line

Published on 04/07/09
Ibanez Electronics has announced its new line of Promethean bass amp products.