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A vintage take on the Ibanez superstrat... (Ibanez - RT650)

By King Loudness, 18/04/2011
This guitar, from what I gather, is a bit of a rare bird. It's one of the USA made models from the mid nineties. It was designed to take the shred-tastic RG platform and make it a bit more vintage to suit the changing tastes of the time. These changes included the following:

*A thicker, more rounded "RT" neck profile.
*A 2 point, non-locking tremolo system
*Typical 4 bolt Strat style neck heel.

I believe they also had lower output pickups as stock as well. I can't confirm this since mine had all replacement pickups when I purchased it. I found it to be fairly cool for what I was doing because of the more vintage features. I find most of the recent Ibanez shredders to be hard on my hands/wrists because the necks are so thin, so this RT profile was a welcome change.


This guitar, like most Ibanez superstrats, is fairly ergonomic. It was definitely on the lighter side and the heel, though it was Strat style, was contoured, so it was easy to get up to the 24th fret without issue. Normally I have an issue with guitars that use a 4 bolt plate system and have 24 frets, but in the case of this (and many other Ibbys that I've tried), I've never had a problem with upper fret access.

As far as dialing in tones, it was fairly simple. When I got the guitar, the pickups and wiring weren't as stock (it only had two humbuckers as opposed to an HSH pickup configuration) so I was really working with the core sounds of the humbuckers. The only other thing of note is that the bridge humbucker had a coil tap, so I was able to retain some of the Stratty character that I like the tone of so much.


When I had this guitar I was primarily using a Mesa Boogie Mark III head and a Basson Sound 2x12 speaker cabinet with Emience Legend 1258 speakers. The pickups that were in it at the time of purchase were an unlabeled Gotoh in the neck position and a DiMarzio Dual Sound in the bridge (basically a Super Distortion with 4 conductor wiring for a coil split). The middle single coil had been removed, so it was functioning as a dual humbucker guitar with a coil tap for the DiMarzio.

The tones were very cool considering how hacked the guitar was electronically. The neck pickup had a nice smooth tone (think Steve Vai or John Petrucci) for leads and jazzier settings. I didn't care for the middle position as it sounded rather nasally, so I won't go into detail about that. The DiMarzio Dual sound was a really cool sounding, high output pickup. It was great for hard rock rhythms or that classic LA eighties lead tone. Engaging the coil tap gave it a nice quasi Strat tone on both clean and distorted settings.


Overall I felt that this guitar was a killer find. It was extremely beat up (the flamed top veneer had been removed and there was a blue finish put over the top of the guitar. As I said before, the pickups had been changed as well. All this resulted in me getting the guitar for a screamin' deal. I used it for a few months in various rock/hard rock projects until I needed to make room for other guitars, so I parted with it. Last I heard, it was refinished in bright pink and was floating around my hometown... maybe I'll buy it back one of these days. They go for very reasonable prices used and they have some killer craftsmanship as well. I wouldn't mind trying to find a stock RT650 to mess around with at some point, but even though the one I had was hacked up, there is no doubt in my mind that it was a well put together ax by the folks over at Ibanez!

Riffko's review (Ibanez - RT650)

By Riffko, 03/09/2007
Country of manufacture: Japan
Basswood body, table Saddle flame with colored threads crme
Bolt stocky, 24 fret rosewood fingerboard
Configuring pickups: Ibanez MSM
Ibanez vibrato bridge knives
Gotoh Mcaniques oil bath
Rglages: 1 vol, 1 tone with push / pull, an inverter 5 positions
Channel C thin enough to other products on offer conformment
by manufacturer


The handle is trs end, a rgal VLOC for little fingers, it is quick and super comfortable. Guitar relatively lgre, trs good ergonomics of the body, acute dcoupe your checks to be perfect and well thought. Small hands may find the heel a little be pais, but hey, is seen.
Violin making of this instrument is excellent, empty and without plugging it dlivre lot of sustain, a guarantee of quality wood.


The highlight of this guitar is its playability The grip is IMMEDIATE and ease of play dconcertante. You can do absolutely everything with whatever your style of play
If you play smooth and fast you will rgaler.
But as a excs amne in another, be aware that for the rest, not really. I found the sound of any microphone and really "made in Japan". No personality or plain, nor saturated. Cel is of course subjective and you can find everything that you got.
For my part I install three microphones Di Marzio Air Classic Neck / 2 HS / Air Classic Bridge and is the top.
For madmen, not you n'esprez dfouler the vibrato, he has a little trouble back in place. It must be said that the guitar
Premire is not a hand.
The Previous dtenteur this guitar to keep the original Gotoh mcaniques to replace them with Chinese-made PING. This means that they do absolutely Agreement ds abuses of vibrato. Difficult to comment objectively on this view, since I could not test it with the Gotoh.


I use this guitar for over a year. I bought it used for just over 400 euros. Given the quasi-mandatory appendices and transformations that I have couraging, it is certainly not the case.
First and on the advice of a luthier friend, I ask a Wilkinson tremolo and Sperzel and mcaniques.
Cot of opration: 160 euros as it took to manufacture the jig mcaniques + 110 euros. Then I replaced the original three microphones. I still transfer the push / pull switch and install three mini to replace the inverter 5 is dfectueux positions.
Only under the excellent stringed instrument of the DCID I make all these changes. It is clear that this investment is consquent, but I dsormais a scratch my hand and ringing.
Regarding the sound, the current configuration of microphones satisfies me, because I chose it based on my gaming CRITERIA I would not state either the sound quality of this guitar because the pickups do are the original ones. J'mettrais ultrieur a notice on the set of microphones that I install in another section.


It's a good guitar trs condition to make some changes. Section block / vibrato / mcaniques review is totally unless You are not a fan or a tear of the utensil. As for pickups, it's really a matter of change and got foncirement is not an obligation.
J'enlve therefore a point for the vibrato and a second for the sound REALLY lack of personality. It's a shame because the violin is really Nippon quality.

Cool guitar (Ibanez - RT100)

By iamqman, 29/09/2011
These Ibanez guitars are just absolutely fantastic guitars. From the price point to the build quality and everything about it is just fantastic. First of all Ibanez really does a good job of keeping their prices of their guitars very low for the budgeting musician. Most musicians can afford very expensive instruments and so Ibanez is able to keep their prices pretty low. However there guitars just feel and sound great for what you get. If you were to play Squire guitar or another guitar and you would pick up around the same price you definitely would not get the field and the sound in the overall quality that you do at within Ibanez guitar.


These guitars have two humbucker pickups and one single coil pick up in the middle position. You also get a volume control knob and one tone control knob. That is about it as far as features goes.


This guitar sounds fantastic when coupled with a high gain amplifier. This neck is very slim as to get some cool quick licks. That's very fast neck and action which the frets are very smooth and natural. It doesn't take a lot of effort to push down on the strings with these guitars. I must say that the complete feel is extremely comfortable. The probably one of the most comfortable necks out there in the guitar world. The generally have unfinished necks and just bare oiled next. This gives a very good comfortable feeling as you slide your hand up and down the backside of the neck.


The tone these guitars are pretty aggressive in nature. The voicing of them doesn't give you a whole lot to work with but they really just allow whatever amp or effects you're using to really give you the player your own style and feel. What I mean by that is there's not a whole lot of natural sound to these guitars for whatever you give it, is what you'll get. So these guitars are pretty well designed to accommodate each individual players style. These guitars will give you whatever you have naturally has out of the tone of your hands and fingers. Overall they're a great guitar and for the money you really can't beat them. So I highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for a good budget guitar or someone is just starting out on the electric guitar for beginners.

Ibanez RT 450 (Ibanez - RT450)

By MGR/superman, 02/04/2004
I was looking for my first electric guitar and I bought this guitar at a pawn shop for one hundred bucks.

EVERYTHING! Ibanez has to be the most underrated and unrespected guitar brand in the world. This guitar has the most playable neck I've ever played. I now own an ESP and a Gibson, and I still love to play my Ibanez becuase it feels so good. Even though Ibanez pickups aren't the best in the world, you can achieve a wide variety of sounds from acoustic to jazz to heavy metal.

The only complaint I have is that the pickups aren't absolutely amazing. They're no EMG's, but they still rock!

The neck is bolt-on, and there is no binding on the unit. Some would think this makes for a cheap guitar, but this instrument is great. The sustain rocks, and I've put it through a lot and it is still looks great.

It's hard to get ahold of these guitars because Ibanez no longer makes them, but they rule! Buy Ibanez!!!!!!

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