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Ibanez SC/SCA

Ibanez SC420

User reviews on Ibanez SC/SCA products

Ibanez SCA220 (Ibanez - SCA220)

By MGR/Shaun M. Bosworth a.k.a. SKOOLBOY, 01/01/2003
I bought this sweet guitar from a co-worker at my job "Subway". She Sold the guitar, a spike studded strap, and a dod supra distortion pedal for $350. That was a killer deal! I'm always looking for quality products for chep prices. She sold this to me so cheap becasue she needed money right away to pay for some medical bills!

1. Color is black pearl It looks like it has metallic sparkle in the black finish

2. The pickups sound incredible and are V6 humbuckers 1 in neck one at the bridge. They are equpied with a 5-way pickup selecting switch which gives excellent tonal flexiblity!

3.The bridge is the new short stop tailpiece. It make string changes faster than any guitar.

4. I have to have 3 per side tuning machines and the machines look like they are made of amber. Also they lock when you tighten them with a screw driver this helps them stay in tune.

5. I like how the 1/4" instument cable jack is on the outside of the guitar unlike my SG wher the jack is by the tone knobs.

6. The neck on this guitar is super fast and easy to play. This neck is possibly the smallest round neck that you can find!

7. I never liked tremolos they get in the way and in my opinion the screw up the tone. This guitar wasn't made with a tremolo so it has a better sustain and great tone!

I can't say anything I don't like about the guitar except I wish that the pickups were alnico instead of ceramic magnets but they are medium output so they wont give you the irritating feedback like most high output ceramic magnets.

The body is mahogany which give a really warm tone and is great for sustain.

The neck has a roswood fretboad and the frets are just the right size.

Tha action on this guitar is perfect for any style of playing and thats what I need is an all around instument.

Ibanez has really outdone themselves on this peice. I recomend it for any style of music because of it's tonal flexibilty in the pickup selecting! This is the perfect all arounded Go get yourself an Ibanez!!!

There is also a higher model Called the SC420 with alot of the same and better features!

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Ibanez SC420 Blackcherry (Ibanez - SC420)

By MGR/Doug, 24/01/2004
I purchased this guitar at and couldn't be more satisfied. I bought it based on the look at first

the action is great and the tone is awsome. Ibanez has done a great job of desiging a guitar to rival schekters models and also the ESP's H series. I really like the way the v1 and the v2 Pickups sound. and the five way pick-up switch lets me get even more tone out of it.

If I could change one thing is that I would make a model that comes with a single coil center. and I would also provide a 7-string model

the construction is set up similar the the H-202 with two hums (bridge and Neck) and has five positions. (all of which you can see at the wwebsite) it provides a great vintige jazz/blues sound but is also great for beyond heavy distortion.

I'm 19 and have owned four guitars including jacksons, fenders, and gibson, and I have to say this beats them all!!!

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Ibanez SC420 (Ibanez - SC420)

By MGR/Fitch, 21/06/2004
My baby was purchased through a musicain's network, used, for $400 even.

This is a hard rock guitar, no qualms about it. The five way selector switch is great, but when you flip it down, stomp on a distortion or metal pedal (might I recommend running it through an SM7?), you'll get the hard rock bite you're looking for. I've been playing mine for four years now. It's the older SC420 in black with a mahogony line around it and amber tuning pegs. I find it works best for rhythm work, but if you're about riffing and rocking, it gives you a clean, articulate, and piercing Ibanez rock bite.

I find that the gain of the guitar can be a bit lacking on occasion, but I believe that's more due to age and the need of new/resprung pickups than anything else. On my particular guitar, the 19th fret on the B string is dead, sounding a half-step lower than it should, but I've only experienced that on my guitar, never any other SC420s I've played (I've played two others). I also don't like that I know that John Petrucci played this guitar once, because it makes me realize the guitar will never sound that good again, because I suck, and he's great.

Rock solid. It's been dropped twice and didn't even go out of tune. The neck is thin but REALLY durable. After several years of abuse (like I said, I play heavy rock!), the only marking on it is on the back where a belt buckle of mine scratched it a few times. Otherwise, it's awesome.

I love my baby. If you're looking for something that's going to cut through and give you a solid rock sound, you can't go wrong with the SC420. I applaud Ibanez for making such a great axe.

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I love it but I did not buy this guitar yet... (Ibanez - SC320)

By akinates06, 25/07/2014
Made in Japan and for 1998 years...
Ibanez guitar to create a more interesting way and came up with this. They described it as a mix between S and radius, but its the little things are kind. Guitar bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, dot inlays, a vintage-style tremolo, two humbuckers, one volume, one tone and a five way switch and has a mahogany body.


A strange point of the guitar scale length is only 25 inches. This is a strat body and trying to create a PRS scale length, but I wanted a Les Paul Custom It's tone. It's ... different. Fretwork on this issue was kind of iffy, and ends slightly sharp. They had to be round if I keep this guitar. Nut was not bad, but it has to be greased. The guitar has all access neck joint, without any problems so I was able to get a higher pitch. This kind of heavy and light guitar as beautiful as they tend not to resonate as a big fan of heavy guitars.


This stock humbucker was pretty terrible. Good thing this is thanks to a versatile five-way switch. You neck position, series, parallel, neck, divided into two inner coils simultaneously, there are two humbuckers and the bridge pickup. With this configuration, you can get all kinds of great tones. However, the buyers themselves were very boring and bland sounding. They lacked clarity and cleans in the calculation of earnings was quite distressed. If you're going to keep this guitar, I would recommend replacing a pickup.


This can be quite difficult to find and nezaman find them, they go very cheap. They worked out great for backup guitar, but to play them just need a bit of work to get it right, I got it. Ibanez line sound a bit compared to some other guitar can be hit or miss. I actually personally, I would have a normal S series.