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Ibanez Studio

Ibanez ST390

User reviews on Ibanez Studio products

which I had ... (Ibanez - ST924)

By volvito, 21/12/2012
everything said above


the handle is so nice that there must be a magnet to the inside: Unable to detach!

the big plus is the wide range of sounds thanks to the 6-position Varitone.
I do not think that can offer much lower sounds so different!

multiple instruments in a single sum


all sounds are achievable in my point of view (rather ear)

I love positions Varitone mediums that put forward.

Jaco, get out of this bass!


it is made of concrete, which is a plus for a low soon 30 years.
the handle is bone straight, I hope still for long

I suggest you buy one if you find for sale.

I paid my 450 euros. I do not know what his score sheet but I m'n a bit: I finally found that I needed ...

if it was less heavy, I would put 10

Excellent and rare. (Ibanez - ST300)

By ebrian, 11/06/2013
Made in Japan 1979/1980 so short time. Gibson type bridge, 24 frets handle very hard (several layers) maple and rosewood button. Set neck wide and thick. 2 microphones manufactured by Maxon V2 HB, 1 vol. 2 ton. with booster-activated switch, powered by a 9 volt battery with a life of 6 months / 1 year. 2 tri-sound for each pickup: HB parallel or series or single coil. Ash body, maple noyer.Mécaniques oil bath.
Lutherie.Beaux beautiful wood.


For the handle, you must love the thickness. The guitar weighs a little less than 4 kg and is balanced, easy access to acute. About 15 possible sounds very versatile. Aggressive or very soft sounds according to usage. Very good sound, two guitars in one, but we must know how to use this instrument.


She can do almost any style of music to crystalline fat well. The sound always keeps a good definition. Of course this is transcended Ibanez on a tube amp and absorbs impact.


So a great guitar, rare quality for both the violin for electronics. In 1981 it was replaced by the ST 370 new look and easy handle.

The +


The -

Thick neck

Vintage Guitar in pure (Ibanez - ST55)

By thomas.dinoto, 06/07/2014
This guitar was made in Japan, it is 1979 therefore this day 35 years! and she always wears both for me! Easy to adjust, a handle 24 frets rosewood guitar, I do not know what are the original pickups, mine were changed by seymour duncan and farts thunder!


the handle, it's easy it's like a highway, add a little fast freight and it is even better, the shape of this guitar is very good, maybe its weight is too high, and the balancing with the strap, I guess, but really nothing bad I can not find any negative point about this jewelry.


I play a little of everything, but especially this one sound with a lot of gain, a powerful distortion, I love it! it is perfect for my style, I play a lot of John Petrucci and she is doing really well! the clean sound is clean, the string mi (severe) and the re are very well understood, and agreed upon by powerful gain all the notes on the strings all get along very well! very good sound balance.


Here it's been almost 5 years since I use it, and the idea of ​​reselling or another I never passed to the spirit, I love this guitar!
And to be honest, compared to other models from Ibanez, in prices ranging from 600 to 1100 euros, I tested many and ST55 is still my favorite!
Very positive reviews for this guitar! If you find it and you buy it, keep it!

I can not separate ... (Ibanez - ST55)

By regislazy, 07/11/2014
Japanese manufacturing, this guitar was given to me in 1980.
It has 24 frets, pickups Ibanez V2 Maxons (two screws at the top for height adjustment, cream color)
Fixed bridge
Ibanez mechanical locking.
Like fine tuning.
I understand that these pickups were arrested at the time for an obvious problem with DiMarzio ... about the color)
These original, with a huge gain microphones have recently been replaced by a couple SH2, SH4 Seymour Duncan.
These are more accurate, more modern but less saturation and gain.

Setup 2 Volume Two Tone, a selector


The neck is a little wide, but nice.
Access to acute is OK, the weight is ... very consistent. It's heavy!
The violin is excellent, Mahogany.
Color Sunburst
The sustain is ok.


Its very correct clear as saturated.
Clearly, I play on a Roland Cube 60 W Orange at the time.

Saturated on a home made tube amp 1W G1 project


Used for 34 years ...
First guitar.