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Ibanez SZ

Ibanez SZ2020FM

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User reviews on Ibanez SZ products

Ibanez SZ520QM (Ibanez - SZ520QM)

By MGR/Anonymous, 28/12/2004
i got this guitar from music 123 for about $475

i love every thing about it, its and awsome guitar.

there is nothing i dont like a about it

the construction is very good along with the quality

this is an awsome guitar if you dont have enough money for a gibson you should defenetley buy this one

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Ibanez SZ520QM (Ibanez - SZ520QM)

By MGR/Anonymous, 13/09/2005
Ive been playing for nearly 2 years now, I am a keen guitar player, I have owned this guitar for nearly a year too, I am submitting this review because I want to advise others who may want this guitar too.

I got this guitar at Nevada Music, Farlington, England. I paid £400 for this guitar, though I am aware the price has slightly dropped since then.

There are many things I love about this axe. The build is unflawed, with a nice set-in-neck, and a strong, comfortable body. The Pick-ups are very good too, I play this guitar through a 50-watt marshall, with a Boss ME-50, it sounds awesome, pumping out loads of good tunes, and its neck is comfortable and fast too!

If there is one thing I dont like about this guitar, its the fact when I get all my equiptment out, I just cant put it down! Other than that, nothing.

Great body, lovely colour (I have the black-berry, but all the others are nice too) fast neck, sturdy build, great pick-ups, nice set-in-neck, good for reaching those high notes!

Great guitar, well worth the money, will make your playing better, and sound better too, beautiful guitar, thats all!

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Ibanez SZ320 MH (Ibanez - SZ320MH)

By MGR/Mark Brown, 04/03/2006
I mainly play guitar and drums, i have been playing guitar for three years now, and play in two bands. My favourite type of music is somewhere between rock and metal, which is what we play in my band.

I bought this guitar from a local retailer in norfolk, england for £375GBP (approx $650 USD). I bought it in April 2004, as a replacement for my SG.

The finish on the guitar is absolutely bueatiful, the MH, (Mahoganey) version, is a real eye catcher, both onstage, and in a studio.

The pickups are superb, as Ibanez decided to fit dual seymore duncan humbuckers, instead of their own brand ones.

The neck has a nice thin profile, and due to the accuracy in the build quality, with a slight bit of tweaking an incredibly low action can be achieved.

The headstock is something a bit different for an ibanez, whilst still having the trademark angled end.

Through body stringing provides superb resonance, especially as it is coupled with the 3 pc. set in neck, that makes this guitar truly special.

Inlays in neck are very attractive

The Gibraltar III bridge, allows for superb resonance, and easy palm muting.

The finish on this guitar is quite fragile, as it is unlaquered. if extreme care is taken, there is no reason it wont look like new for ever, but extreme care really is necessary, and just dropping a tuner on it from a few inches can cause a fair dint!!

The humbuckers sound superb for most effects that can be applied to them. however if you want to use overdrive with it then you will need to invest a fair amount of money in a decent pedal. Having tried several OD peedals with it the only one that sounds acceptable is BOSSs OD3, they do however sound good with distortion pedals.

however all in all it is superb

The finish of the guitar is very pleasing on the eyes, there is a small amount of stain on the edge of top of the fretboard, but most guitars will have a slight finish fault, even the most expensive ones.

The only other slight complaint is that the jack socket to connect it up is quite loose, and it would of been nice if they had fitted a slightly higher quality one, to overcome the problem.

This guitar is absolutely awesome for nearly all styles of music, I probably would not use it for really heavey metal, but if I'd wanted a heavey metal axe, i would nuy a bc rich...

Really well suited to light rock, but the pickups suit best funky rock.

all in all worth every penny, better to play than any gibson, or fender i've played on, and has alot of the great looks found in the more expensive PRSs, which will cost atleast 4 times as much.

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Ibanez SZ520 (Ibanez - SZ520FM)

By MGR/Curto, 19/04/2008
I have been an avid guitar player for around ten years, and I have played drums as a side hobby for probably around five or six. Over the years I have owned several guitars, and aside from the fact that I am just a tech head that loves to keep up with the latest equipment, I spent my college years working in a music store, so it was my job to know such things. I have always been active in the local music scenes, I play alternative/rock music, and every now and then I like to try my hand at metal. I have a great love for almost any kind of music, though.

First off, I reviewed this guitar five years ago on this very site; the review is still posted. I wanted to give you the "five years later" review so people know how well these babies hold up! I bought this guitar over five years ago, in Cleveland, TN. I purchased it from the music store where I was working at the time. I believe at the time they retailed for around 5-600, I don't remember how much I paid, and I know the new models are now retailing for quite a bit less. I was looking for a new axe, I saw this one, picked it up, and it was basically love at first sight. I knew it was for me after I played the first few notes.

Nearly everything. Aesthetically it is an absolutely beautiful guitar. I have the Gold Amber Burst finish, and it has held up beautifully over the past five years. It actually gets prettier as it ages (I think so, anyway.) The neck and body are crafted from mahogany and the fretboard is rosewood. The neck is fat, which is what I need in a guitar. I have trouble playing with those "fast neck" heavy metal guitars. It has a set neck, and the body is quite heavy, giving it the feel of a much more expensive guitar (It has the weight and feel of something along the lines of a nice Gibson). Over the years I have grown to love the lack of fret dots, but as a teenager who had only been playing for a couple of years it was confusing. I think the newer models have inlays all down the neck, so that shouldn't be a problem anymore. The gibraltar bridge (reminiscent of the gibson tune-o-matic) and tuners keep this guitar in tune nearly perfectly. I never have a problem keeping her in tune. Never. As far as pickups are concerned, the stock pickups are open coil Ibanez humbuckers. The neck pickup gives you a beautiful, warm, fat tone. Now switch over to the bridge pickup, throw on some distortion, and you have a beast in your hands. Seriously. The rest of the guitar is standard electric guitar fare, Two volume knobs, one tone. Three way selector switch, etc.

Keep in mind that a lot of this is my fault. This guitar is pretty rugged, and under normal circumstances nothing will go wrong with it. But after five years of owning this guitar (gigging, traveling, etc.) I had to have some soldering work done because a connection came loose inside. That's the only problem I have ever had with this guitar, and it was fixed by a guitar technician in about ten minutes. Also, the input jack comes unscrewed easily, but again that's my fault for being too rough with her.

I think I have already done enough of that, but I'll reiterate :-)

The basic design is quite sturdy. This guitar is basically a big ol' piece of mahogany. Mahogany body with a mahogany set in neck. Rosewood fretboard, 22 frets with a neat little fireball inlay at the 12th fret. The gibraltar bridge gives this baby awesome sustain, and the pickups are to die for. I'd get a noise gate for hard rock though because the bridge pickup can be overpowering :-)
Such is rock & roll. On a side note, everyone who has ever seen my guitar has had positive comments about it, players and laypeople alike. People who know nothing about guitars think it's beautiful, people who know quite a bit about guitars think it SOUNDS beautiful. I had a guy (a "professional" musician) tell me that he liked his SZ better than his Les Paul Custom. No lie.

I love this guitar. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this instrument, especially for the price you pay. Ibanez could make some serious money if they would jack the price of this guitar up just a tad and market it better.

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